Lil Durk’s XXL Freshman Freestyle

blame it on Meka May 28, 2014

The OTF Coke Boy wraps up the Freshmen freestyles. Who was your favorite? Check them all out below.

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  • Ghost Of Len Bias


  • rozenswag

    Durk. I was surprised too.

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Absolute trash, as expected.

    No flow, no wordplay, no substance, just the same of chitown doo doo gun bars.

    I’d rather hear August Alsina and Ty Dolla Sign cover every song on Illmatic than listen to this again.

    • ayeyo

      There is wordplay in his freestyle.

      • NYCityKid

        I have no idea what these niggas is talking about, the nigga flow was the nigga flow, cause he aint flow the way you like he ain’t had flow? And as far as content he painted a picture of a part of his life, he talked about his homies, he talked about who he is now, how what happened to him before shaped him like really wtf niggas be wanting? And because he saw him made a gun with his fingers the whole rap was about guns. Smh I ain’t mad tho. Niggas like Vic Mensa be needing they fans too. lol

    • Josh Morse

      I gotta agree; no matter how much incredible music has, does, and will come out of Chicago, this new Chi-raq type trap shit thats the new trend in Chi is an even worse look than the super soft backpack type shit thats on the other end of the Chi-town spectrum showing face lately. Buzz or not, I’m still scratchin’ my head how Durk made the cut!!?

      • marty mcfly

        I mean Def Jam calls Durk the black Justin Beiber so how hard is his music gonna get? Backpack shit might be soft but Id say Lupe’s and Common’s album gonna be harder then Durks wannabe Future impersonation album.

    • NYCityKid

      I guess, like my nigga just told me over lunch everyone is right when it comes to opinions. You sound like a bitch to me but you know it’s my opinion and #everyoneisright

      • marty mcfly

        I think people just want skill overall. So what if Durk is a street nigga talking about street shit? There’s other people from the streets to besides him but if a niggas raps sound like a b list rapper from No Limit in 1992 then its like COMEONSON.

        • NYCityKid

          Lmao, u buggin bro. But I can see what ur tryin to say. The game has changed it’s rare to hear someone with the perfection of the art as a Biggie. Those days are long and gone there’s a few ppl who have that gift like Drake but I don’t think I can name anyone else new who has the real talent. but that doesn’t mean niggas ain’t spittin some shit. 90% of rappers are B list rappers. If not 95%. That doesn’t mean 95% of the rap game is wack!?

  • Trill Cosby

    Not great, but better than expected.

    • Jon Osterman

      Exactly.. You can tell he put some thought into it.. Its a step up from the music I’ve heard from him… Not bad

  • babyfacekilla

    My list

    jon connor
    jarren benton
    troy ave
    kevin gates
    isaiah rashad
    vic mensa

    left out ty and august on purpose

    • Herbclouds

      chance or kevin gates
      bibby or durk

      dont like troy ave dont like august, ty, benton, connor

  • Starks

    youtube rapper

  • Josh Morse

    Benton gets my vote (again) hands down!! It’s no surprise to me that nobody actually “freestyled” again this year as usual; wish they would jus call ’em the Freshman Verses at this point, but either way Jarren’s was the standout. No offense/dispespect to the rest of the class, but I want to be pulled into a verse; either by ability, comedic value, interest, or jus’ outright talent alone. Jarren Benton is both the “sleeper” and “standout” of this years class; theres nobody else I/m more happy to see on the roster!

  • Carter North


  • Hugh G. Dickson

    Wordplay is for kids. Reality rap is for adults. Go bump Sloppywhite if you want bars. Better yet read some poetry.

  • NYCityKid

    They saved the best for last IMO, this shit sounded the most authentic next to Kevin Gates…. and Jon Connor is best rapper outta this bunch, for my first time hearing him but lyrical content is something that means more to me, than rapping about being the best lyricist, fuck outta here with that Canibus shit

    • marty mcfly

      The thing is having street content doesn’t give you a pass to be wack. If Crooked I told Slaughterhouse that he was gonna start making garbage raps cause he’s a street nigga and thats all that matters, they would be like nigga FOH

      • Josh Morse

        I’m wit U!!!! Regardless of the evolution of the rap/hip-hop genre, it still goes without saying that a verse (or any material) SHOULD to be intriguing, entertaining, and provoke emotion on multiple levels. I’m a thorough fan of all hip-hop sub-genres no matter how hard it gets, but some of this trap shit is jus getting out of hand. If all your music/material has the same theme, feel, and emotion, then whatever and maybe thats jus your steez; but u can only make so many songs/verses about the same bullshit, before nobody wanna hear bout that bullshit from u no more. Authenticity only gets you so far until people wanna see some sort of artistic or creative range from an artist. Hood passes always been currency in the rap game, but if you ask me they gettin far too inflated lately!!!!

        • marty mcfly


      • NYCityKid

        You think this was wack? And who gets ur vote for the best freestyle?

        • marty mcfly

          None of them. I personal cant say I liked any of these verses but Jon Connor was ok. Im not hating on their verses but I just didnt hear any bars that made me raise an eyebrow period.

        • marty mcfly

          and Im not a hard person to please as a listener either. If you spit a 16 and 4 to 8 of those bars are cool or somewhat decent then its aiight but I didnt really hear anything here that would make me wanna really go listen to these niggas. I’ll check for Troy Ave just to see if he come with the NY “sound” but everybody else? Im good.

  • Winslow Simmons

    beyond trash..this dude little turd came to my city because all we have are booty promoters..his rap put me to sleep..jon connor has my vote..

  • Herbclouds

    3 hunna.

  • Rob_Watts

    These REAL rap niggas rap REAL but they be LYIN?????

  • MusicHead

    1. Benton
    2. Connor
    3. Troy Ave
    4. Kevin Gates
    5. RHQ
    yall can do the rest…

  • fonzo517

    jon connor>>>