Ab-Soul Unveils ‘These Days…’ Release Date & Artwork, Releases “Stigmata” Video

blame it on Meka May 30, 2014

Directed by Dave Free & APLUS FILMZ.

After releasing “Stigmata” with Action Bronson and Asaad last week, Ab-Soul returns with some more goodies. On top of a visual release for his verse on the song (shown above), Soul also revealed the official release date and cover art to his long-awaited album, These Days….

June 24th is the date, mark your calendars!

  • Tino

    Dope!! Everytime I see something like this I cant help but think of Nas’s “Hate Me Now” video.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Well thats not the full video.. what you talkin bout

  • Boris

    Thank you Ab-Soul.

  • 91andUP



      It was either him or 50 Cent. Plus I feel like it would be rushed and thrown at us.

    • I’m sure the 10k Neon Icon will sell is gonna hurt Soulo’s sales.. cause Riff Raff and Ab-Soul are completely in the same lane right?

      • McGlock

        don’t think this will be in stores, online only. maybe tde hard copies.

        • Sales are sales, hard copy or digital.. I don’t think either of them would sell much in stores anyway.

      • hell na, soul and RIFF RAFF are not even close to being in the same lane riff raff is only famous on the internet if anything

        • No shit.. sarcasm is not really your thing I’m guessing?

    • McGlock

      neon icon has leaked already tho lol

    • Lorant Mena

      LOL Riff Raff hahahaahah smh really dude???

  • Seif

    This is only for the hype. It’s getting pushed for sure. His next single should show us what his album will be about.

  • BRI▲N

    So much for letting the fans decide when it comes out….

    • Walter Butler III

      You knew it was gonna come out the 24th. There’s no way they’d just drop it on the 3rd and call it an album. I’m pissed he’s not getting the same push as Kendrick and Q.

      • Dave

        Kendrick & Q are signed to Interscope while Soulo is not. of course TDE can’t give him the same push by themselves.

        • LebanonDon

          Yea, he’ll get the same push as SZA and Isaiah Rashad

        • Seif

          Damn I didn’t know Soulo wasn’t signed to Interscope. Why so? His content?

          • Boris

            Content exactly. Any soul fan knows what he stands for and what he raps about. I dont think interscope want any part of that. Unless he completely change his style and make a single like “collard greens” i think it would come off wack though. Or gain exposure like kendrick and have creative control. I can see Isaiah signed to interscope before him based on content.

          • carl watkins

            It’s not because of his content.

          • carl watkins

            His sales as an independent artist haven’t been high enough. He could sign at a label in any moment but he wants complete artistic control, he’ll nobly het that if his sales are higher as an independent artist and the label see’s him as viable.

        • Isaac

          “In March 2012, MTV reported that Top Dawg Entertainment closed a joint venture deal with Interscope Records and Aftermath Entertainment. Under the new deal, Kendrick Lamar’s debut studio album, good kid, m.A.A.d city would be jointly released via Top Dawg, Interscope and Aftermath, while releases from the rest of Black Hippy would be released by Top Dawg and Interscope.”

  • YVtC

    Top Dawg asked fans what day and I know most said June 3rd cause it’s the closest date but obviously the fans opinion didn’t matter. June 24th it is.

    • leutrim

      Who knows? There was a strong push from people to not rush it. I know I tweeted at them to release it on the 24th so they’d take their time

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      june 3rd was way too soon with no single.

      • YVtC

        Very true. He doesn’t have a big enough following to just drop somethin 2 weeks after his first single. Especially if he wants to have good album sales. I need another song from him though, stigmata was so so

  • deffff

    I guess it’s just me but I’m an ab-soul fan and that cover and video are wack. Real preachy and pretentious and I’m not even religious like that.

    • Mez D

      yeah the crown and blood is kinda over the top but I dig the aesthetic and think the video’s shot really nicely.

    • ForeverWePush

      Completely agree. Comes off as somewhat self-important though I understand the conceptual direction. Can’t wait to hear it nonetheless, soul is a rare lyricist.

    • 32gq

      Crazy thing is he believe in the third eye and all that jazz don’t add uo

      • Seif

        What doesn’t add up?

    • SupremeSoulstice

      It’s called a double entendre. SYMBOLISM with visual effects…

    • soulprint

      do your homework, see what stigmata means

  • shovel

    I shall pray every day and night til the 24 that this will be a solid project please do not disappoint me soul brother #2 everyone so far has had solid projects so far Q, Calez, SZA, Cyhi, Isaiah, Gibbs, Pharrell, Gates, Trel, Bas, and Dizzy, XV even mad an appearance this year. Bruh I hope it dont be like a Trap Wiz (few songs were kickback worthy) smh, still waiting on Krit, Mick, Julian, Vic, Logic, Flatbush, UA, and the homey Sheeran!

    • Paragon

      Also Waiting on Jay Rock and cool kids

    • Dave

      I was with you all the way until you mentioned lame ass Ed Sheeran .

      • shovel

        Lol hes cool cuhz

    • carl watkins

      I’m waiting on Nas, krit, Kendrick(mainly him), Mac Miller, Jay rock, kanye and of course soulo.


    Take the crown of thorns off and the blood off and it would have been a nice cover considering some people are very quick to judge on the Jesus reference almost

  • Mez D

    June 24th is best. I want the music but I want him to sell well and June 3rd is just a week away.

    And I have no doubt this will be a great project. I know he’s had some shitty features but hes also had some great ones like that short sermons with retch, holy holy with vic mensa, the one one action bronsons tape, etc.

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm more promo I hope, and TDE better promo UP!!


    Ab Soul’s verse on Whale off Dash’s V.I.C.E.S mixtape is one of the best verses I have ever heard.

    • Ace
  • Sirilly

    Interesting…Dam, I’m really hoping that this man drops a jewel this year and not just a few gems. *Fingers crossed*

  • 32gq

    Ya can say what u want but Idk how I feel bout that cover

  • Ohms

    making me uncomfortable and shit

  • Dave

    all you pussy christians having a cry about the crown of thorns & shit. thousands of people got crucified by the romans, why is one crazy jew any different

    • Dat nigga

      Smh the fans of this guy. I don’t care much for ab soul cuz he mad average aside from the shock value, but the fans are worst. Just lost smh

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        He does have some lackluster lyrics here and there, but lyrically when he shines he shines LOL! There are barely any MC’s in the game that are talking about the stuff he is talking about on the regular. Control Systems had in-depth lyrical content, that was the most strongest of the group.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    I gotta good feeling about this project…. SOUL!!!!

  • Pizza Steve

    Hell yes! Soulo bout to kill em’

  • SJB

    Yes! So excited. Can’t wait.

  • Paragon

    I think Black Lip Pastor would of fit this cover. Better

  • Alex

    Rappers & their God complex’s. Blasphemy aside I’m really excited for the new project, control system was something exceptional. It deserves to be pushed like Kendrick’s & Q’s

  • Johnny Said

    Soul will be the first artist to leave TDE! It’s guaranteed. No matter how good his content is.. it’ll never sell even close to a Q.. let alone Kendrick. That fact alone will always make Soul feel like the focus is on everyone else but him.. and eventually get sick of it.

  • So far I haven’t been impressed from anything that is coming from this project…hope that changes soon