Hear Childish Gambino’s Verse On RiFF RaFF’s “Lava Glaciers” (Sans RiFF RaFF)

blame it on Shake May 30, 2014

For those that don’t know (or care?), RiFF RaFF will be dropping his new album Neon Icon on June 24th. Releasing through Diplo’s Mad Decent imprint, the LP is set to feature Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, Mike Posner, Slim Thug, Paul Walla and Amber Coffman. Not a bad line-up if you don’t consider who the main act is, right?

Anyways, since I am by no means a fan of anything RiFF RaFF represents, I’ve taken the liberty of cutting his verse from the Harry Fraud-produced “Lava Glaciers” and left Childish room to flourish on his own. The result can be heard below.

Again, if you are a fan and are looking to cop Neon Iconpre-order on iTunes.

  • killaaa

    man fuck this, dont go pushing your weak ass music views on us, bring back riff. Gambino is like the corniest dude in rap btw.

    • YeDaTruth

      Yeah, he is very corny, but he’s also very good. If he’d stop biting other people’s flows and production techniques, he’d be amazing.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Gambino is better than that wannabe 2 Chainz cat LOL!

      • TacoNada


        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          Yes, he is way more creative than Riff Raff. His album was better, hell 2 Chainz newest mixtape was better than this shit.

    • NeonDaydreams

      Not really a Gambino stan, but he’s better than a LOT of artists posted on 2dopeboyz.

  • Eli Ruddock

    Im just straight up curious how riff raff would fit on this joint

  • Yaow

    Lol you hate Riff Raff but you keep postin shit worse than him on here.

    • YeDaTruth


    • shake

      It’s all a matter of taste sir. Simple as that.

      • fr2poj

        Riff Raff > Lil Bibby, Fredo, all of those lesser humans.

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          LMAO Lil Bibby raps better than Riff Raff. He is nothing but a White 2 Chainz, not like its bad, because I like him too but get real brah.

        • J.

          Riff Raff is the biggest joke rap has ever seen. Bibby would run circles around him. At least Bibby and Fredo have real fans. I don’t know any rap fans who like Riff Raff

          • DIesel

            Comedy has a place I’m hip hop

          • Josh Morse

            you must be politicin’ w/ Bibby & Fredo fans then! ….cuz for one Jody has a fan base 10x the size of either of them fools and reaching far beyond just hip-hop mediums along with it. Clearly there is no “joke” too big for hip-hop anyway; the list would reach a long ways beyond Jody, but not much further than Fredo!

      • Pemis

        Mad lame thing to do. You could have spent the time improving the look of the site. And Riff Raff has had a few decent songs in his short time.

      • TacoNada

        I’m sorry but purposely cutting out his verse because your “tastes” differ just comes off as childish (heh, pun not intended.)

        Also if you want to talk about taste, I think Riff Raff is a much better and more creative lyricist than Gambino has ever been, and this is coming from a huge fan of Donald Glover and his prowess as a comedic writer.

    • KingOfSwing

      Yaowaaaa, fuck ur name nigga

    • KingOfSwing

      but i agree wit ur point 100% tho

  • Cameron Graham

    here is the track sans hating ass shake….acting like bitch.

    • Zapp Brannigan

      Hell yeah, I fucks with Raff. He’s going to mess around a drop a hot ass piece of artwork. Probably not but it could happen lol

    • Mt

      Leave Shake alone. He has great taste. If he was running a label, every album would do Styles P numbers.

  • shake

    I see the little fanboys are out and about! Hope y’all have a great day.

    • Cameron Graham

      How are you going to post someone else’s music off their album and cut them out. then call anyeone who has a problem with that fanboys?

      • shake

        Last time I checked, this is MY site so I can do whatever I’d like to. There is no rule book that says how a site should be ran and we wouldn’t follow it anyways. I voiced my opinion and even left links for the album for those that are fans. If you can’t get over that, it’s a “you” problem and I can’t help.

        • Cameron Graham

          and this is the comment section open to everyone, and what “we” gotta say is that you sound like a butthurt little bitch who thinks his opinion is more important then the next man. Yeah you got a popular blog that doesn’t give you the right to be a asshole to the very people who put you where you are. You’re hurting yourself more then helping.

          • Dante

            Well we said FUCK RIFF RAFF lol. I didn’t know that man had fans either. I didn’t even know he made anything considered to be music…

    • killaaa

      lmao what a dickhead

    • J.

      I’m more than happy you kept him off the track. He’s a disgrace to the rap game

  • 32gq

    Man should put a download link for this perfect for gambino style and gambino may be corny but the man is dope none the less

    • Dante

      Word Shake, lets get a d/l link

  • Mez D

    I don’t listen to his music, but I watch every Riff Raff interview I see. That shit is pure comedy.

  • Your Best Friend

    Wtf, how are you gonna leave Riff off his own track?!

    • Advance*

      I don’t even like Riff Raff but I agree this is too disrespectful. Shake is pulling the “it’s my site” card, well this is Riff Raff’s song. Where can we find a 2dopeboyz site with someone cutting out Shake’s childish hating.

  • Tian

    I mean, Shake has a point, this is his website so if you don’t like what he says or posts then don’t even visit the site. Now, Gambino is dope as hell and is a very creative artist. Riff Raff on the other hand is the opposite. Those who don’t think Gambino is dope and like Riff Raff better, are crazy. But like Shake said, its a matter of taste.

    • TacoNada

      Lol, how cute. No people aren’t “crazy” for having a different opinion on a subjective matter.

  • K1ngEljay

    …it’s Shake’s site, though. He can post what he wants, lol.

    It’s really that simple, lmao.

  • Skitz McGurk

    Yo, I appreciate this. I really do. If you can do this for Riff Raff and birdman verses from now on… you’re good with me. In fact, you can scratch all whack verse from now on.

  • Guest

    Production is too dreamy for riff raff’s flow

  • kortney davis

    What Shake doesnt seem to get is that while its his site, it is for the fans and what they like. You are suppose to be unbiased. Idc about your comments on the persons music but dont post a mans song and post the version without him in it. There might actually be people who want to here the whole thing.

    • If he catered to what “the fans” want this site would be just like every other rap blog..

      • Joe Dirt

        this site is just like every other rap blog. aint nothing different here

        • Depends on if you’re willing to give new/lesser known artists a shot.. if you only click the big names you’ll see the same shit that’s on every other blog..

          • Joe Dirt

            they really dont give enough shine to the lesser known dudes out there. but i feel you

    • NeonDaydreams

      This site isn’t supposed to be unbiased. Every piece of media we consume is biased(especially on the internet).

      • TacoNada

        And posting a link of a song from an artist the blogger dislikes, while cutting out that artist’s verse and needing to take a shot at him 4 separate times in 3 short paragraphs comes off as nothing more than sour grapes.

        If he were just being “biased” he probably wouldn’t have felt the need to make this post in the first place.

  • ♍️Trill-Thology✈️

    #tragic Word up Shake…

  • Tekwon

    I’m not really a fan of Riff Raff but it is funny seeing his verses cut meanwhile Justin Beiber songs get posted on the site. Jus sayin…

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      Bieber makes good music though..

  • Tyke

    Shake is a fuckboy to the fullest. This site is trash anyway. You post fruity lana del rey songs but wont post riff raff? fuck off!

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Shake prob hoping these artists mention him for some free publicity

  • Josh Morse

    …comes down to a “Hip-Hop” aimed site turning away “Hip-Hop” fans by being bias, specially in the case of buzzing or relevant names and the “2DBZ blacklist” seems to be consistently growing! Bad business if you ask me and clearly their features/posts AREN’T based on talent from the looks of some anyway; but then again I don’t feel like getting the “bosses” panties in a twist over an opinion either hahaha.

    • TacoNada

      It’s funny because you don’t see many music blogs that go to such far lengths to assert their selective hearing to their viewers.

      Shit lightweight reeks of white privilege to me.

      • Ghost Of Len Bias

        Cut the white guy off the rap song and it’s “white priviledge”…

        This is why they say don’t listen to haters. There’s no way to win.

        • TacoNada

          Lol, yeah cause Childish Gambino isn’t already tailor made for white people.

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      Who cares about bad business? This is music, and 2DBZ is pretty much at the level where they can curate without having to worry as much about placating to publicists and label trolls.

      (not to mention Mad Decent is an indie label that could give 2 fucks)

  • Starks

    Someone needs to tell Riff Raff to make a song about cancer to get Shake to post his songs on his site.

    • Josh Morse

      hahahahahah, truuuuuu!

  • Killa42

    Shake probably shouldn’t have cut the verse out, but he can do what he wants.You mean to tell me this one RiffRaff verse is the last straw for you coming to visit this site?I doubt that. Everyone complaining about the RiffRaff verse, admit you weren’t buying the album anyway, just torrent it like you do everything else and move on. Shoot he probably just did RiffRaff a favor, because now some people might actually check for the full feature due to the uproar in this thread (Gambino sounded on point by the way).

  • Mt

    Fuckboy Shake power tripping. Lupe needs to put this bitch ass nigga in his place again.