Saturday Night Sexy: Katherine Lucia

blame it on Illy May 31, 2014

Twitter: @KatherineLucia | IG: katherinelucia

Meet 22-year-old L.A.-South Florida Colombian model Katherine Lucia.

katherine-lucia_01 katherine-lucia_02 katherine-lucia_03 katherine-lucia_04 katherine-lucia_05 katherine-lucia_06 katherine-lucia_07 katherine-lucia_08 katherine-lucia_09 katherine-lucia_10 katherine-lucia_11 katherine-lucia_12 katherine-lucia_13

Photos courtesy of Alex Tirado.

  • Bryant Hurtado

    Colombian girls never dissapoint

  • Dante

    She looks real regular to me…

    • datbul

      Yup. Sensory overload, bro. We see out of this world bad bitches literally like every 5 seconds in this day and age, whether it’s on the net, TV or a billboard. Niggas have become desensitized. 20 years ago a lot of these women woulda’ looked a whole lot better. Damn shame.

      • Dante

        LOL, I mean she cute or what ever but I’m from Harlem bruh. I see better chicks working at McDonald’s and Dr. Jays lol.
        I usually have a thing for Latina’s but she looks like a sloppy question mark to me. Short without any real curves. Just my opinion. She can still get it though lol

        • datbul

          Lol. I’m with you 100%. Feel the same way.

  • Motion Picture Story

    Dayum my G

  • tictac

    Post your face when you realize some of these girls were born in the 90’s

  • Dave

    I see wayyyy finer latina women all day in ny. Shit i dated hotter women than her lol. She suffers from a struggle booty and her face don’t make up for it. But at the end of the day ill still smash. That’s all that matters I guess.

    • Dante

      I feel you homie…I just said the same shit

  • Tino


  • She sexy and she got a nice lil rump on her

  • I got a thing for Latin women they just so damn gorgeous

  • Serious she looks a wee bit Asian

  • Paragon

    She alright

  • sb

    ive seen better SNS’s…she real iight

  • TrueGem17

    She’s fine. But why so serious? It’s really strange watching those girls in bikinis with mean expression on their faces. Can you smile for god’s sake?

  • Adi Pre

    Fuck me, what I’d give to be that teddy.

  • KING14

    Oh them Colombian girls drive me insane

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Not feelin this broad, she is not pretty in my view. The previous girl blew this chick out of the water. She has a sloppy shape too boxy without any real curves, she also has a sort of deflated ass. Her face is very masculine and strong, this is a definite nope on my part.

    She is a chick that will definitely be needing the makeup, because she has a bland face.

  • Vans La Flare

    Meh… Nun special she look cheesed as fuhhhl