Chief Keef – Getcha

blame it on Shake June 3, 2014

New release off Chief Keef’s forthcoming Bang 3 project; which Keef suggest may drop on his birthday (Aug. 15).

  • Zapp Brannigan

    I thought he was riding a tiger in that artwork, I guess his pants are sad from hanging off his knees all day

    • Arun Gopal

      Sad tiger lol

  • Josh Morse

    this is probably the first case I’ve witnessed of a rapper that progressively gets worse; I regret my decision ANYTIME I hit the play button next to his name. Apart from sounding like a hater already, I honestly continue to hold some sort of hope and/or curiosity that he will eventually put out better or just tolerable material; but that day never seems to come. Maybe its drugs, maybe he just needs to pick up a pen and pad then actually think for a second; either way this shit is hard to admire in any way, shape, or form.

  • YoungWutang

    Yea this shit weak but recently he’s been doin alight as far as music that cranks, (he’s not a lyricist folks we all know this) but hia tracks save me, fucked up, bang like chop, killer, all that shit GLO