• Jaztazj

    say what you want, but Chance got crazy energy and almost always hyped lol.

  • xastey

    Look at Vic when Gates get on, its like he's saying "No no no nigga that aint fresh"

  • http://Twitter.com/Uhhjwill Jwill

    Couldn't even tell that was Vic mensa...Wow. Kevin gates and Isaiah Rashad did their thing tho.

  • Dave

    Wow this was dissapointing. Vic slumped. Chance did a old verse. Isaiah did alright. Gates did the best and i barely listen to his music. August was just there.

    • Mez D

      Same here. Chance brought some energy but that was an old verse. Isaiahs was pretty dope. And I've seen Vic spit way crazier on like Sway and all over youtube I don't get why hes holding back for this xxl shit

  • Xcharmanderx

    isaiah rashad and chano >>>

    they snapped

  • Anthony Stark

    I dont know about yall but Vic Stole those opening bars from Murda Mook back in mookys smack battling days. Wow Vic come better than that

  • Jay Selva

    I love how hype Chano is for Isaiah!


    vic mensa finna deepthroat that mic wtf move that shit away nigga

  • Mikey Menefee

    damn it feels like they're all rapping with their mouth on the mic or thats just the shittiest mic ever

    • younglarrydavid

      Def the mic setup they got, sounds like shit in all the cyphers so far

  • Pizza Steve

    Could of been better but dope!

  • Djmanny2k

    Kevin Gates is just posted haha

  • malcyvelli

    Fuck. These were struggle bars from everybody maybe except Isaiah.

  • disqus_hNYLe4KWwf

    son Vic Mensa really started his verse with SMACK CALLED ME I WAS GETTING SOME HEAD .. that was hilarious

  • MistahPopo

    sir, what is this faggotry, this fuckery

  • AIM

    I felt that they all rapped about dicks at one point.