Mike WiLL Made It Teases "Buy The World" With Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne & Future


For the second offering from Mike WiLL's upcoming Eardruma Records/Interscope debut Est. In 1989 Pt. 3, he rounds up a couple heavyweights for the single. Those who actually subscribe to Mike's newsletter will also get a snippet of the project sent to them early, before the official tissue drops.

Or you could, you know, just stay tuned here to listen to the entire thing when it drops. Your choice.

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  • Yongjefferson

    This is cray cray

  • Bashir Retro Bazemore

    not sure how I feel about kendrick being on a track with Wayne.. guess I'll be forced to listen .... only because of kendrick

  • Bashir Retro Bazemore

    not sure how I feel about kendrick being on a track with Wayne.. guess I'll be forced to listen .... only because of kendrick

    • Freid Sampleton

      Sounds like a Kendrick deepthroater to me

      • Bashir Retro Bazemore

        really how??? only a wayne fan when he raps like a backpacker and future is OK. Wayne is in no way shape or form really lives what he raps . he been a millionaire since 13-14 when did he find time to gang bang and sell drugs?? no deepthroat save that for whomever a wayne believer and really take his lyrics as reality and not entertainment

        • Freid Sampleton

          You get your eyebrows done? Faggot

          • Bashir Retro Bazemore

            nope.. born that way.. most of us islanders/Africans have it.. lol that's all you got... smh ignorant niggas lmao

    • Gook Warrior

      Jay Rock f. K.Dot(kendrick) & Lil Wayne - "Colors"
      which was fire IMO give dude a chance plus hes rapping with kendrick he'd be stupid to get washed up by him even though kendrick has already left many drowning in misery(pun intended) lol. I believe it will only make wayne better rapping with him.

      • Freid Sampleton

        Kendrick should be excited to be on a song with Wayne. You forget the Catalog that Wayne has.. it would take Kendrick 7 years to come up with a catalog like that

        • Gook Warrior

          I agree he should be excited Kendrick had a whole mixtape emulating Wayne. Its great to hear them working together again.

    • Mac Dre

      Kendrick did a whole mixtape over Tha Carter 3 beats called C4 when he still went by K. Dot, which was co-signed by Lil Wayne. Back then, Kendrick was considered a Wayne wannabe and Kendrick openly talks about Wayne's influence on him. Kendrick is one of my favorite artists out right now, but don't put him on a pedestal like he's better than working with certain people. Most likely, the vets and up-and-comers you're looking down on are the ones he's fucking with.

      • Bashir Retro Bazemore

        not putting him on a pedestal but Wayne really have not been hot in my opinion since no ceilings and like i said too me he's at his best when he gets deep like god bless America, Georgia bush money on my mind and miss my dogs. depending on which Wayne we get on the track it may be great or a bust. between 2011 and now kendrick song for song is better than Wayne but i do understand what you saying bro. i'll try to keep an open mind when listening to Wayne just gotta admit he fell off

        • Mac Dre

          Oh yeah, he fell off hard. I didn't like much of Wayne since No Ceilings, but I gave him a chance this year, and his features and songs since 2014 began have been good. I was just saying that Lil Wayne and Kendrick isn't that bad of a combo.

  • Tr!LL£5T

    4 sure gon be fire, great look for all of them. future for sales of Honest (dope doe!) kendrick for stayin relevant while workin on new album and Wayne - yo the man has shaped up on recent tracks, for C5 season ofc.
    MikeWill always kilt it

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Kendrick back in "I'll do any features" mode.

    • DIesel

      I don't think he was ever in that mode...And I don't know why you'd think he'd be in that mode now

      Kendrick is dope but some of his fans are the worst

    • leutrim

      Really? Working with the hottest producer, hottest singer and lil wayne is "any features"?

      • Prince Akeem

        hottest singer lol wtf

        • NoWuff

          His voice ain't terrible...

        • leutrim

          Future's album was incredible, and as far as male singers (Future isn't really a singer, but he does some singings, some rapping, whatever) go, he is the hottest commercially

          • Prince Akeem

            lol you are out of your mind.

          • Mac Dre

            Future is terrible, but you can't deny that he's "hot" right now, by radio and online stream standards.

  • Stevie Janowski

    Who cares if Kendrick is on a whole bunch of features as long as when it comes down to album time he makes a quality LP

  • triggerbeats

    This should be dope, Mike Will made it! http://triggerbeats.com

  • leutrim

    This song is going to own the Summer

  • Prince Akeem

    forgot just how much 2dbz sucks kendricks dick. actually no I didnt

    • Luke Foord

      Nothing in the article is highlighting Kendrick out. This is 3 big names in today's hip-hop so of course they will report on it.

  • Paragon

    I can handle wayne...but future on a song with kendrick? I dont know about that




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