XXL Freshmen Cypher #2: Rich Homie Quan, Ty Dolla $ign & Lil Durk

blame it on Meka June 4, 2014

Rich, Ty and Durk try their hand at a cypher. This reminds me of those R&B freestyles Tim Vocals used to upload on YouTube.

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  • Boris

    This freshman year is so disappointing.

    • Thank you Boris for stating facts…kind of a meh year. The artists are talented yet that talent doesn’t fit the “freestyle/cypher” atmosphere except Gates and Connor.

  • suge white

    Both cyphers have been weak even for the sad crew ty dolla sign don’t even rap neither does August so why the fuck are they even in a cypher… All these auto tune dudes like Durk and quan sound goofy as he’ll trying to actually rap

  • BlackSmith3

    Actually Lil Durk and RHQ did snap. I dont listen to them too much but you gotta give credit when due.

    • SpeakingHarshTruth

      Yeah, you have a strange definition of ‘snapping’.

      RHQ is consistent, has a distinctive voice and flows well. But all his shit sounds the same, even down to his hooks.

      Ty Dolla was garbage, actually embarrassing.

      Durk is just so ‘eh’, he got up there and mumbled his basic rhymes into the mic, ol’ Ronald McDonald lookin ass.

      What a shitty year, thank god these XXL lists mean absolutely nothing these days.

      • BlackSmith3

        I’m just referring to the XXL coverage. Nothing of their previous works. Its not as strange as you tend to make it seem. And I only focused on two of three. Ty$ isnt included for obvious reasons…of him not being a rap artist.

  • Samy Merabet

    squah squah

  • Samy Merabet

    squah squah

  • Mez D

    RIch Homie actually did impress me with his freestyles but overall they were pretty wack even the great artists were only sub-par.

  • Bambi

    Can someone please tell me what DJ Drama is actually doing besides pressing play? Tired of all these “DJs” bringing out a whole set and standing there acting like there doing something

    • Hahaha your guess is as good as mine

    • We Got It For Cheap

      smoke a cigar and mix the instrumental

  • Cpr196

    Feels like Kevin Gates shoulda been with these guys, fits better and these guys seemed to actually give a fuck.

    • Josh Morse

      I agree gates seemed out his/their comfort zone and mighta got turnt wit these guys

  • ForeverWePush

    I actually was kind of feelin it. Obviously there were no major bars to be had but I like how they were vibing with each other, tossing in ad libs here and there…*shrugs*

  • Nick M

    I wasn’t feeling it, but they vibed off each other well. Looks like they were having fun at least, even if it wasn’t for me.

  • MusicHead

    That nigga Durk floated on that shit actually & Rich Homie harmonizing before his verse helped the whole flow of the cypher.

    • Josh Morse

      yeah, I expected and hoped for a far more collaborative effort from all the heads so far; but Dolla$ and Rich Homie surely set the tone here

  • soulprint

    fk this, cya

  • Troubleneck Wreck

    So disappointing…. This was just, bad.

  • $nicka

    durk looks like mario chalmers

  • Josh Morse

    Have to give these 3 credit, cuz they meshed far better than the first round group cyphers. I know from my own experience that its far more enjoyable and hyphy when we establish some sort of bridge or break to distinguish between verses or turns; so it was nice to see these guys working together to some degree! To be completely honest this cypher was better than ANY Durk material I’ve heard thus far! I love to see young gunz gettin it in the game, but t certain amount of musical and artistic prowess needs to accompany that.

  • Dave

    This was way better than the first one. RHQ started it out real nice. Ty Dolla smoothed it out. Durk thugged it out. I was vibing with this shit.

  • Biiitchniga

    seemed to me like they almost knew they were the least rapper rappers there so worked together to vibe out and work with the current, u feel me a nig high dont know what i be sayin anyways fuk witchaboy

  • michael angel

    lol this was nice.. this beat fit all of their style.. this looked like all of them had hella fun

  • Tino

    GARBAGE, ty dolla sign was absolutely horrrible, who thing sucked tho.