• wat

    Is that Daylyt behind Da$h?

  • CecilRhodezKnows

    Dammit man, that was heat

  • j4ipod94

    soul teachin preaching, dropping knowledge

  • ayeyo

    both kilt it.

  • http://ArkhamCare.com/ ocbiega

    dillinger needs that xxl cover next year

  • Mez D

    Soul's album is gonna be GKMC level Bet

  • Tr!LL£5T

    no Dash did NOT kilt dis, but SOULO doe he murkd it, def at the end.

  • Aquil Tajiddin.

    "They interested in Soul...Glow like afro sheen. I always been a natural...Disasters happen every day I wake up, asshole." That wordplay was sick.