Game To Drop New Album In September

blame it on Shake June 5, 2014

After a successful run with Interscope, Game has gone the independent route and will release his next album, Blood Money La Familia, on September 16th via Blood Money La Familia/Fifth Amendment Ent./eOne Music.

Executive produced by long-time associate Cash “Wack” Jones and Stat Quo, the album’s first two singles “Bigger Than Me” and “Or Nah” (which is confusing to me, but whatever) will impact later this month.

In other news, it looks like Game and Drake might have something brewing as well. Taking to Instagram, the West Coast rapper put up a picture of Drake’s backyard and the following caption:


The calm before the storm. #BloodMoney #OvO #InviteOnly

PREVIOUSSkeme – “No Limit” f. Game

  • ogtripleog

    Pool party. No music

    • xastey

      I know he’s not stealing Instagram pictures again, didn’t he lear last time.

      • Robert Spears

        Look what she put at the bottom. They both probably posted the pic but its most def about him.

    • shake

      I still think music is gonna go down.

      • JML-G

        u think too much, ginger

  • who cares

    Hopefully it’s better than Jesus Piece. I couldn’t get into that album for the life of me.

    • Azim Esmail

      Jesus Piece had good music, but it didn’t have the flow of an album. It sounded more like a compilation album, or a mixtape.

      • who cares

        Yea, that was part of it, but there was also the overload of mediocre guests and the fact that a small part of him was actually trying to include some religious message while talking about strippers and getting high. The entire thing was just a trainwreck. The only thing that made it somewhat listenable was the production.

        • CRsheehan

          You’s are on point. Game needs to stop making 80% of his album features. Just go in and tell your story. Same goes for Pusha T. Bugs me cause I fuck with them otherwise.

        • YeDaTruth

          Ali Bomaye is the only worthwhile song on the album, honestly.

          • Azim Esmail

            Ali Bomaye, Pray, Dead People, Name Me King, Jesus Piece, and See No Evil were all good tracks to me.

          • who cares

            I haven’t listened to the album since it dropped in 2012, but in my review I listed “Scared Now” and “See No Evil” as my favorites. Can’t comment now because I don’t really remember them to be honest.

          • YeDaTruth

            doesn’t that say something? If those songs really had any long-lasting worth, you’d remember them. I remember scared now, it was OKAY.

  • Stevie Janowski

    Game needs to start making westcoast gangster/real life music again. Not trend hopping

    • Valente Harper

      I agree with this! I loved Jesus Piece but it wasn’t necessarily because of him, just had a lot of cuts. I miss that West Coast Game. I think his 1st 3 were the best. A lot of people slept on LAX too and I think because of that he started “trend hopping”.

      • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

        Yeah LAX was good to me, my expectations were pretty high but I was more than satisfied tbh

    • Guest

      He can’t do shit, but be a trend hopper, cocksucker etc etc

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    This guy is a shadow of his former self. Has he mastered a lot of flows? Maybe..yeah, but that aint what the music was about.. you can let slide that money gang blood money la familia are all cliche rap groupie type titles but then to go further and make a track called ‘or nah’ on some soulja boy/ditto shit.. I dunno what to say but smh

  • Conor

    Jesus Piece has like 3-4 songs that I still bump. I do feel like there hasn’t been any “buzz” for a Game album in awhile though. He stays putting out projects but a lot of his shit has fillers with too many features. Top 10 emcee though when he’s on his game, pun intended. We’ll see where the independent road takes him.

  • PV

    At first I read the title as “Game to Drop Names in September”

    • Saugdenstock

      well.. it worked for Kendrick, didn’t it ?

    • Saugdenstock

      well.. it worked for Kendrick, didn’t it ?

    • datbul

      Lol. Nice.

  • datbul

    I’m actually kinda excited for this. Hope Game delivers. And hope he can still get dope beats now that he’s independent.

  • soulonice_

    So is this a solo Game album or his crew Blood Money?

  • Jay Daniels

    I bet Game and Drake shot a video for Or Nah…. Remember there was spose to be a Drake version. I bet Game bought that out for the deluxe version of his album.

  • Big V

    So, is “G-Unot” back also ? Ahahah.

  • Robert Spears

    Another dope album. Go to soundcloud and search for: Raymeo, Markeith Deshun and Sean Kompton. (LA Kingz)