Hi-Tek - Ohio Players f. Bow Wow, Krayzie Bone & Bootsy Collins


After years in hiding, Hi-Tek resurfaces with a new joint dedicated to his home state. Calling on Bow Wow (yep), Krayzie Bone and Bootsy Collins for the anthemic "Ohio Players."

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  • Bryan Brennick

    Can we get another hi-teknology album please?

    • AndOneill

      For real man! 1 and 2 were my shit growin up,

      • Bryan Brennick

        No doubt man I remember hearin the first one and just being in awe of how dope every song was. Two was even better , Josephine, March, 1800 homocide, where it started at, can we go back. After naming all those songs I officially dub it a classic. 3 was okay but no where in comparison to the first two.

        • PromoAnimal

          I think 1 & 2 were Classics, 1 had so many bangers

      • sineng

        3 was my shit too. as long as tek is putting out music i'll be fine

  • Pizza Steve


  • Pemis

    It's the Adams family....

  • Adi Pre

    Man why the fuck is Bow Wow on this. Hope Tek is back!

    • Mitch

      Well technically he is from Ohio (Columbus) but he just doesn't rep it. Tek definitely could have gotten somebody else to do it better imo, but he really wasn't that bad...

  • 2dope4nope

    Dope! Glad Hi-Tek is back (hopefully) homie is just like madlib w/ the beats hope we get "prod by..." In the near future anyways this is good for hip hop!!

  • HI-TEK

    Thank you for ur continued support! ✌

  • Big Homie

    OH stand up, hi-tek needs to link wit catalyst on somthin for sure.


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