2Pac Talks Helping the Community, Prison Life & More In Unheard Recording

blame it on Shake June 6, 2014

A couple weeks ago, a new story surfaced that shares Pac’s alleged last words from that tragic night in Vegas. Now, we’ve got yet another fantastic piece of history that furthermore shares the story of the late rapper.

It’s October 18, 1995. Pac is fresh out of jail, recently signed to Death Row and it’s a week before he shoots the “California Love” video with Dr. Dre. On the phone with OG Sanyika “Monster” Shakur, this previously unheard conversation is an incredible look inside the unfiltered thoughts of Tupac Shakur as he speaks with a friend. For 20 minutes, Pac shares ideas of helping the community, recounts an incident in Milwaukee with a Chicago gang, relives the harsh realities of prison, his rape case and much more. For any Pac fan, this is a must listen.

“This was me and Tupac’s first conversation. This was October 18th 1995. I had just gotten out of Pelican a month before, and Pac had been out a couple of days. We did not know we were being recorded. My wife pressed record on the answering machine and unbeknown to either of us, caught some bomb ass history.” – Sanyika Shakur

The conversation and a few choices quotes, transcribed by TSS, are available below.

On helping the community:

“I wanna get this organization started with you. Only we can do it. It’s like where we start this youth league. Like football league, basketball, softball, for girls and boys. I want all the rappers to adopt a team. Coolio have his team. Stretch have his team. I have my team. We play and the rappers the one that put the money up. We get the field. We play.

The churches come out and sell food. We have the fathers, the uncles, all the men in the community, they do security to get the respect back for the kids. Then we have the FOI come out, we have the deacons from the church, they do security. You know, get that community spirit going again.”

On defending Robert “Yummy” Sandifer:

“I had a run in with them in Milwaukee because that was when that little kid died, Yummy Sandifer. I had did a show that next day after they just killed that kid. You heard what happened, right? They executed him! I was out there when I did the show. The gang was in the fuckin’ audience. The whole gang had like bought out the stadium. So I’m rapping to the n*ggas who had just killed this little kid. They all screaming out ‘Thug Life!’ and I felt bad. I’m like wait a minute, they got it twisted.

I started cursing them niggas out like them niggas is cowards. Y’all killed that kid, y’all niggas is punks! Them niggas started throwing shit. We had a shootout in the stadium. It was tough, man, the whole gang tore up the whole neighborhood! Then I started getting letters from the area. The mothers, the girls were writing me like thank you for doing that cause everybody scared of these niggas. If these gang n*ggas ain’t gonna get straight, I wanna be the one who take them out the game.”

On being in prison:

“I get up there these mothafuckas calling me nigger. I’m bugging out. I ain’t never had no white people calling me nigger and nothing happen. This jail I was at you get seven years for touching the police no matter what. I was in maximum security in Dannemora. Then they had me in some special federal program called APPU, Advanced Placement something, something, something. It’s all notorious mothafuckas.

I’m up in there with niggas with 80 years, 60 years and I’m doing one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half. I’m knowing my life in danger. These niggas ain’t never getting out. Locked down 23 hours a day before I even broke a rule. They was like it was for my own protection cause I wouldn’t sign into PC. They got mad. He was telling me, ‘You gon’ die in here.’ I said, well, I’m just gonna have to die because I’m not signing no PC.”

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  • Adi Pre

    Pac that dude.

    • Such an enlightened soul…crazy

      • agreed. his ideas were so genius and to think he was only 25

        • soulonice_

          24 during this interview.

  • Arun Gopal

    “I’m just gonna have to die because I ain’t signing no PC” RNS

  • StudentOfTheGame

    Goddamn Pac had everything planned out. Someone need to take the idea with him fixing the streets refresh it and incorporate it to cities across the country. Legend.

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    they drake fans now, they just forget about pac

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    I hope rappers hear this audio so they can wake up and fulfill pac’s vision.

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    Even pac ain’t got no love for them Chiraq niggas

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    2Pac wasn’t just a great rapper, he was a great artist, and an even better man. He had a great vision, people need to carry on with it.

  • Mez D

    Damn Pac could’ve literally changed the state of black culture in america

  • Mez D

    Damn Pac could’ve literally changed the state of black culture in america

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    “John Singleton a coward”

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    So this is where Snoop got his SYFL – youth football league idea from. Not the recording but from talking to the man himself.

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    Love you PAC ❤️ king

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    Things he could’ve done if he coulda shook them snake niggas

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    How is this just not being released?

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    They Kill all BLACK LEADERS!! Don’t think it was some BS East Vs West shit.

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    Pac speaking that true shit, gotta fix up the streets. All these rappers and athletes that came out from Compton making mad money and Compton still got a reputation as a bad neighbourhood. shit gotta change pa

  • This is extremely dope. How did you find this? Pac seem super relatable and humble. Its no wonder why he was so loved by so many people

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    that street truce sounds like Hamsterdam

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    You’ll be forever remembered dear mentor..