Gucci Mane Disses Game On “The Definition”

blame it on Meka June 6, 2014

I don’t know the source of where all of this came from, but The Gooch taking shots at yet another rapper isn’t anything new. This time he sets his sights on Jayceon… did I mention he’s still stuck in the bing for the next two years? How is he still doing this? You know… I can’t be bothered. Just enjoy the song.

Upon listening to this, it doesn’t really sound finished either. But we’ll see.

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  • ForeverWePush

    i’d be willing to wager he misinterpreted game’s chiraq verse lol…dumb ass…

    • Kmillz0

      I don’t doubt it, Gucci seems like a person to lack comprehension skills lol

    • SonSon

      too bad both of you are wrong lol

      • ForeverWePush

        you are right it is horrible, speculating on a hip hop blog is such a high stakes game after all…I am truly wounded.

        • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

          a minute a go you was willing to wager? put your money where your mouth is boa

          • ForeverWePush

            figure of speech. i guess that was only simi-obvious…

  • djdyg

    Game don’t want no problems with the down south 50

    “I heard your brother is a gangsta, you not your brother nigga”

  • Yeezus

    This is one beef that T.I. wont be squashing. Get him Game.

  • soulonice_

    this is old. from when game said he would box Gucci last year

    • ForeverWePush

      ah…that is a big omission in the description…did gucci release this himself?

      • soulonice_

        somebody probably just let it go from the hard drive, you know he has songs for days.

        • ForeverWePush

          You are probably right, so basically this is a non issue.

        • Dog (Duck Hunt)

          he such a great rapper with them damn lyrics. lmao. for days

  • Dogsta / Jermaine

    Gucci said he’ll fight any rapper friend or foe for money to go to charity back in 2012. Game was the only rapper to respond and noted they was cool, but would do it for charity… its 2014 and a previously recorded diss record from Guwop is released. Smh. Why put it out there bout fightin, then diss the person that took yo challenge. Messed up part is whoever has all Gucci music decided to release it now which is gunna have Game responding for no reason if he decides to. We’ll see how this plays.

  • marty mcfly