• EricHeisenberg

    Interesting sound and interesting colors to this No White Jesus...why is the dark and evil times of past used within music or in this case rap?

    • Master Larry

      just history in general maybe. some topics more popular than others

  • Seif

    This is barely a snippet. This is straight giving the fans blue balls. smh release this shit!

    • shake

      At least it lets us know that it legitimately exists.

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        wasn't that the point of this? to legitimately let us know it exists?

      • KingOfSwing

        fuck outta hea fam i mean come on faaam

    • Mez D

      lol they already took it down I can't even listen to the snippet now!

  • no1spesh

    Hoping for some new frank ocean this yr

  • Moonie

    What's the point of this bullshit. Worst snippet ever

  • http://www.miqverse.com/ MIQ VERSE

    aww damn! that sucks I missed it

  • mpls612

    we need the lost tapes 2 with this on it! I still wanna hear colors with dj khalil, new york city with just blaze and i go hard with jay-z!

  • http://crvck.com ONMY88SHiT