K. Sparks – Everywhere

blame it on Shake June 7, 2014

Produced by Fero Navi, “Everywhere” is the latest single off K. Sparks’ forthcoming Vintage Art project, due out July 27th.

  • Parker

    im a k sparks fan but not feeling the 2 singles. beats are disappointing and k sparks is much better than this trap nonsense

    • I definitely feel you. K is a beast and I appreciate his lyricism. He has a great ear for beats.

      I think people are so used to hearing him over Pajozo production that something outside the box will be viewed negatively. At the end of the day fans can voice whether they like something or not.

      I like it, although I prefer him over jazzy production as well.

      • Parker

        first single had a beat i could deal and of course k sparks did his thing. this sounds just too much like everything else out today for me to like it

        • You have a point, maybe K was experimenting.

  • DatN-word

    fuck this garbage. If he ain’t on that jazzy shit i’m not listening.

    • James

      I’ll be supporting this when it drops. As far as all these K Sparks fans leaving comments, that’s the problem with the majority of hip hop fans today. Everyone’s a critic but very few will actually support the artist when the album is released. I frequent the blogs and peep dope underground talent, Nitty Scott, Skyzoo, Sean Price, K Sparks, Torae, Jarren Benton and etc but where is everyone when the music drops? Half of these people can’t even tell you the last time they actually purchased music. Instead of trolling the c section it’s time to show support for what we have left in good music.

      • DatN-word

        Fuck outta here. I ain’t trolling just because I voiced my opinion. You should see my music collection that I actually paid for. I still get stuff on cds when I can. So don’t talk this “you’re part of the problem” bullshit with me. I even got the September lounge album before it was taken down.

        Supporting artist, no matter what kind of music they release, is the problem with you and your kind. Doing that bullshit is saying “yes, release anything and I’ll love it.” That doesn’t fly with me. If I don’t like the music then I’m not supporting it. It’s that simple. I don’t give a fuck what artist it is.

        • James

          You catching feelings way too easy son. I said that’s the problem with the ‘majority’ of hip hop fans today. Key word meaning majority. Most niggas come on these sites and pop shit but don’t cop. Look at how many fans Slaughterhouse and 50 got that go hard on the blogs, but when the albums drop the numbers ain’t there. That’s the direct result of people not showing genuine support but just popping shit online. If you actually buying shit then that’s legit, and if it don’t apply let it fly. As far as supporting music if you don’t like it, that’s not even on the table. If you like it buy it, and if you don’t keep it moving.

          • DatN-word

            My bad about flying off the handle. In a nutshell, the internet changed all that. It’s the gift and the curse. I get exactly what you’re saying. Most expect everything to be free nowadays or don’t want to spend 5 or 10 dollars.

          • James

            I feel you man. It’s crazy. Everybody wants free stuff, but we gotta keep the culture alive by buying the music. That’s why I’m glad to see cats like kendrick doing it cuz we need more artist like that in the mainstream to balance it out.

    • Dog (Duck Hunt)

      nigga, listen to this song: slum dog millions
      that k. sparkz cash flow is insane
      i like this new track a lot

  • Dawn

    Sparks did his thing with the verses. The beat from Navi is dope as well. Nice work on this ; )

  • Adi Pre

    I’ma K Sparks fan too but this just ain’t him.

  • 2dope4nope

    The trilogy chapter 1,2 & 3 > but he still alright should’ve blown few years ago but oh well!

  • Jemma Vie

    I Love this song…I am real confused by why some of ya’ll think he only does “jazzy” type music…I been a K. Sparks fan for years and ummmmm, not all of his music is jazzy so I dont know what ya’ll talking about…This is hott!!!