Childish Gambino Reveals Collab EP With Chance the Rapper

blame it on JES7 June 8, 2014

Earlier today, we saw footage of Bino & Chance performing their collaborative record “The Worst Guys.” While there was no other evidence that there would be future collaborations, Bino recently took to Twitter to reveal some great news. Check it below.

Are y’all excited for an EP from the two? Sound off below.


    Lets get that yelawolf x krit album first.

    • biff tannen

      Yelawolf is mad corny

      • Troy Terry

        Charlemagne?? Is That You???

      • Dog (Duck Hunt)

        yelawolf is nasty ugly corny etc

    • StudentOfTheGame

      Hell YEAH!

    • sineng

      that kendrick x cole album first tho !

    • leutrim

      What does this have to do with anything…

      • ForeverWePush

        was thinking the exact same thing! id be happy with any or all dropping

    • Dave

      [email protected] Yelawolf. Where is that nigga at? He dissapeared.

  • PromoAnimal

    **Busta Rhymes Voice** ” OMG yes!!”

  • $nicka

    fuckin yes!

  • Icey

    This is likely a troll.

  • kyle newsferd

    This that gay boy extreme shit.

  • drewsmit24

    They had a dope collab on royalty too

    • HollyBlackWood

      That was the first time I heard #chance spit … he ripped it! Looking forward to this!

      • Zapp Be Baggin Em

        yeah man same here, heard him on that track and been on him ever since…pause

        • Im damn near a month late but aha! yeah bro, Im just waiting on the tour #NiggasneededthatlikeYESTERDAY lmao

  • Adi Pre

    Let’s get that Lil Cease and Kim album first.

  • Gambino and Chance are the future as far as talent is concerned. They are a part of that next evolution of rap. Childish is super clean with the rhyme schemes. Nobody else does it like him on tracks other than Drizzy Drake.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    lets get that juelz and wayne album first

    • It’s True Sorry

      Now u talkin lol

  • marty mcfly

    Troy Ave is gonna see this and start laughing like a mothafucka LOL. Weirdo invasion

    • Sticky

      Troy Aves lame as fuck, since when has music been about being the same as everyone else? He’d probably have said that about Wu when they first came out, dude’s opinion is irrelevant

      • marty mcfly

        Wu Tang came out rapping about the same shit Troy raps about and imo the only thing different about Childish is he always wears daisy duke shorts with no socks and shoes but other then that he’s a watered down Drake with the weirdoness of Charles Hamilton that comes off like a black Ashor Roth but its his way of dress thats different, his music? Not so much. All his rich kid, silver spoon references prolly make Diggy Simmons think its corny.

        • Sticky

          It’s not just childish or wu, this blog is named after the weirdest and greatest duo to do it, jay-z might not be that weird but he definitely worked with some weird producers, hip-hop in itself probably sounded weird when it was just starting out, de la soul, ATCQ, eminem, kanye, DOOM, hip-hop wouldn’t be where it is today if rappers gave a fuck about Troy Ave calling them weird

          • marty mcfly

            They take weirdo shit to another level. The people you mentioned really weren’t weird when they came out. Andree 3k didnt start dressing like a weirdo til three years after he was a known mainstream artist. I dont really have a problem with weird until it turns into weirdo. Now Childish has been seen hundreds of times now with his thighs showing and with no socks and shoes on. Im sorry brah, but thats weird, there’s just no getting around it or excuse for it. That aint hip hop. Ever since Hip Hop came into existence, never once was that shit cool or in style. Its mad wack, corny and over the top weirdo shit and then his corny raps just make it ridiculous.

          • Demons Run……

            He actually explained that he does that because it cuts down on the amount of sweating he does. Which makes sense.

  • Ricardo Cardenas

    lets get that Beiber x Wocka album first!

  • lord hyperion

    lets get that ghostface X mfdoom album 1st

  • Jordan MacNeil

    Roscoe’s Wetsuit

  • Dope, let’s hope Chance can teach Gambino how not to rap like a dweeb.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      News flash both of them rap like hipstered out dweebs. This is the reason they have a fan base, because it happens to be creative to top it off.

  • Mohammad’sComing2GetYou

    WTT2 anyone..?