• Juherd


  • Cpr196

    Doesn't fit at all. Not a bad beat though, just not totally feeling it, way too mellow for this banger(the Pharrell verse works surprisingly well though).

    • https://elitemuzik.net/ DJ Eternity

      True P's verse fits crazy well lol

  • BlackBombshell


  • $nicka

    c justice made the best one

  • stevie

    this sounds like it would be a good intro to an indie movie

  • Mr RFuller

    its ok im all for being different and the beat is cool but kinda boring after a while

  • boobie mitchell

    yay he cut off casino too

  • JustaDude

    lol this is so weird. kinda cool but i doubt i would bump this in the whip.

  • Jemma Vie