• tbgc94

    Nice. Verse 48, house gang , aotp

  • darabiel

    I like to be real tame one is ill but if I had to pick a weak link its him copy vakill and chino are punch line gods I have read reactions from various fans to this collab in different spots and i think to many haters have focused wrongly on their differences and not the way they compliment one another. People are judging chino is not the best at beat riding but his punches are un matched, vakill is a structure and punch beast, copywrite may have watered down but I think it helped him build up his style, and this is the beast.

  • John

    All these collabs are my dreams coming true. Keep them coming rap gods

  • peaceofpi

    I've followed one and a half of those names. Will be interesting to see how they all sound together. Chino is EXTREMELY hit or miss. A lot of stuff I've heard from him is trying to fit way too many words into one spot, but he can shine when he wants to.

  • Learned

    Stu Bangas has made HEAT with Chino and Copywrite...can't wait to hear this offering

  • https://twitter.com/RyanSaysThings RyanSaysThings

    If you're not excited about this, I don't like you as a person.