Hit-Boy’s Father, Big Hit, Releases “G’z Don’t Cry”

blame it on Meka June 9, 2014

directed by Topshelf Junior

Produced by his son, the Grammy-winning Hit-Boy, Big Hit – recently freed from an extended stay in prison – steps out on his own with this somber track. Peep his formal introduction on HS87’s “Grindin’ My Whole Life” as well.

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  • James Stanford

    Dude is nice. He got off on Grindin my whole life. This just solidified it

  • Adi Pre

    Weren’t expecting this.

  • $nicka

    this is nice. real genuine and if you got hit producing it your good

  • Tino

    No Just No.

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Shit is sad really, this is a grown man, someone’s actual father, bragging on gang affiliation and murder.

    Stay in school kids, don’t end up a thug.

    • djcosthekid

      sometimes that’s all these people know.. they grow up around this shit all their life. Plus he’s institutionalized now, you think he’s really striving to be role model?

    • deeznuts

      even roses have thorns, u lacking perspective ma man. just look how his son turned out, and your whole statement becomes irrelevant.

    • #Truth bro its an ok track but still smh

    • #Truth bro its an ok track but still smh

    • producedbytez

      He had Hit-Boy as a teenager. Soon after went away to do 20yrs. Hes just out of touch. It happens. Dope record nonetheless.

    • jay bee

      u buggin homie, music is about perspective not role model bullshit

  • This is dope. Quality beat – very chill. Genuine lyrics. He only speaking on what he knows.

  • YeDaTruth

    Hit-Boy is 27, so how old is his dad?

    • Yeezus

      Probably Jay-Z’s age.

  • Pizza Steve

    Niggas hate on anything. Big Hit is a G. On another note this is dope all he doing is speaking about his life. The life he actually lived (unlike other rappers who lie about it)

  • bigfineass

    lets hope he put out some inspirational stuff like Rappin-4-tay

  • FraudWatch

    Shit dope on soooo many levels.. IF you hate on this, play with fire in a gasoline drenched suit. I don’t like Hit Boy as a rapper. But I respect him for this shit.. #GenerationsHaveChanged.

  • Motion Fiction Media

    Wow I wasn’t expecting much, but this shit is so damn sick. Sounds like some old school west coast gangsta rap. And that beat is so nasty.

  • 2dope4nope

    Damn this some realest shit in a grip I seen, what since that one Nipsey vid on Crenshaw. Real – video, verses and gotdamn that beat cold!

  • Ohms

    oh…so this ain’t the guy from the movie Training Day?

  • Josh Morse

    I think the whole HS87 movement is heavy as fuck; and its incredibly G that father and son are bangin’ out records like this! Havin’ my own boys when I was young makes it even closer to home; but Big Hit is holdin’ his own weight plus some, and got that whole westside OG steez thats fun to spectate as well. Hit-Boy brings that heat-rock nonstop too; so I enjoyed this cut and visuals, grind on HS!

    • Josh Morse

      …shit bang like a mufucka too