HS87 Freestyle Over Unreleased Hit-Boy Beats On ‘Sway in the Morning’

blame it on Shake June 9, 2014

Hit-Boy and HS87 swung by Shade 45 earlier today to chop it up with the Sway in the Morning crew. After a brief conversation with Sway and a few phone calls, some previously unheard Hit-Boy beats get put on and Audio Push, B-Mac the Queen, Kent Money, N.No, B. Car and his pops Big Hit get to work.

HS87’s We The Plug compilation is available now. Stream here, purchase here.

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  • Bryan Brennick

    Audio Push over errrbody

    • Josh Morse


  • Shapey

    HS87 fail, Hit-Boy Win… Everybody wanted to prove they can freestyle so bad that they basically spit trash over all those crazy Hit-Boy beats.. smh

  • Guest

    that beat at 19:18 tho…

  • Shapey

    that beat at 19:18 tho..

  • Bambi

    I dont understand why artists try putting their friends on before they are even that big as an artist themselves. Hit-BOy is one of, if not the best producer out right now, no denying that, but rap wise? Hasn’t hit his stride yet and he has (besides Big Hit and Audio Push) a bunch of trash rappers wasting his beats

    • Bambi

      Pause, Big Hit had maybe the worst freestyle but he did drop a solid song today

      • Josh Morse

        …and since the first time I seen him I realized he’ll smack the shit out’cha wit his swoll ass hahaha!!!

  • no1spesh

    need a follow up to hitstory. tried messing w HS87 but it just doesnt do it for me. audio push is ok, but i cant wait til hit is back solo

  • Dave

    This is painful to watch.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    so many weed carrier rapper names B.Car loool

  • Dante

    B. Mac second shit was bonkers…She went harder than all them

  • Josh Morse

    Push Boys staaaaaaay killin shit, effortlessly!!!!!