Disclaimer: Locksmith Can Rap His A** Off

blame it on Shake June 9, 2014

Ever since the first time I posted his music on the site back in 2009, I’ve been following Locksmith’s path in the rap game and have become quite the fan of his musical output. After gaining some solid traction with The Green Box, the Bay Area emcee really came into his own with the release of his new album, A Thousand Cuts. With each post I try to explain just how nice this dude is on the mic, but sometimes you just gotta see for yourself.

That’s exactly where the above clip comes in.

Taken from the second official episode of Team Backpack‘s Mission Underground Summer, Lock is joined by San Francisco’s A-1 and Fresno’s Anilyst for a quick cypher over some Fresco Bangaz production. Both A-1 and Anilyst hold their own, but it’s Lock who comes through and wrecks shop. Literally.

“The difference between me and these spitters and “lyrical killers?” I’m actually talking about something.”

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  • dope @Dalocksmith

  • Dev Tejwani


  • Boss_E_from_the_SOUTH


  • The Realist

    Reminds me of Gemstones

  • Bil AL

    get em lock

  • Dante

    Every time I heard this guy he’s spitting that heat. I’m a fan

  • KING14

    Should also post the last Team Backpack cypher. Passionate MC destroyed it man.

    But yeah, it’s fucking absurd how dope Lock is man. I’m loving that he’s progressively getting more attention as time goes on. He certainly deserves it.

  • Pizza Steve

    Dam, can’t even form the words to describe this massacre lol! On another note, he speaking on some real shit. Listen carefully…

  • Josh Morse

    WHOAAAAAA ….eardrums done caught burns from this one!!!!

  • nickbododo


  • Conor

    Damn….My heart was beating after that

  • Conor

    I’ve definitely been feelin Locksmith and his last two projects. He touches on a lot of deep topics but sometimes I wish he would just rap his ass off more often ala Fuckin Idols & House of Games 2

  • 91&^UP

    Raps like a white guy