XXL Freshmen Roundtable w/ Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Kevin Gates, Isaiah Rashad & August Alsina

blame it on Meka June 9, 2014

In their seemingly never-ending rollout of content, XXL conducted a sit-down with the Freshmen to discuss today’s musical climate. Watch as Chance, Vic, Kevin, Isaiah and August talk performing, music, being chosen, and much more.

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  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    The other half of the class sat next door in another room with a combined IQ of 15.

    • wat

      Eh I would agree but Jon Connor is part of that other half.

  • Ginobli

    Kevin Gates is the realest, speaks truth and you can hear the honesty. Vic Mensa is the fakest, rubbing his hands like he a “boss” or Birdman and puts on a front everytime the camera turn on. Be yourself my nigga.

    • Dave

      Yeah this nigga really starting to get on my nerves. Nigga be switchin characters sometimes. Still love his music tho.

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        I do not see why people like Vic, half his shit is corny and overdone. I like Chance though, he is the more unique figure in SaveMoney.

  • Talkaboutit

    They all had good points triple salute nigga straight out the Hood(Future Voice)

  • Bambi

    They should cut these roundtables out of freshman rollout…pointless

  • Moe “Extra Syzzle” Syzlack

    They really ruined this year for me and it’s not the picks that suck it’s everything else. Bad grouping for the cyphers, having the singers do hooks instead of singing an actual verse in the cypher, releasing the cover before the individual freestyles, and now having separate roundtables (I really wanted to see troy ave and chance the rapper go back in forth on the weirdo subject).

    • wat

      Only August did a hook and that was probably his choice since it makes more sense than singing a verse in a cypher.

      Also, when haven’t they released the cover before the content? And why would they do it the other way around? That doesn’t even make sense lol

      But I agree on the Chance vs. Troy thing.

      • Moe “Extra Syzzle” Syzlack

        A hook makes it more of a song than a cypher, say they had TY$, August, and maybe Chance do a sing rap cypher it would have felt less awkward.

        They did it in 2010 to build anticipation for the cover where they hid their faces and just let them rap so people had to guess who it was. Doing it after just left me waiting for specific people to go. Instead of watching them to see who made it.

        • wat

          I wish XXL could get the Class of 2009 together so they can do their own cyphers but too many of them are too big now to even consider it. :/

          Class of 2010 seems more possible but the same applies.

          • Moe “Extra Syzzle” Syzlack

            They should do a reunion class every four years and showcase what happened to the ones that didn’t make it and the ones that did could speak of there success.

          • wat

            Nice idea. I like it. But they’d probably only do something like that for the 10th anniversary of the freshman issue or something.

          • Moe “Extra Syzzle” Syzlack

            Yeah and it could a hardcover book with every freshman featured over a 10 year span and really go in depth on why they were chosen and if they lived up to the hype or exceeded their expectations.

  • triggerbeats

    Some cool lyrical talent out here