Ab-Soul – Hunnid Stax f. ScHoolboy Q

blame it on Meka June 10, 2014

While fans anxiously wait for These Days… to hit stores on June 24ths (and, by extension, the near-mythical “Druggys Wit Hoes Pt. 3“), Ab treats us all with a new single offering featuring his TDE brother-in-arms, ScHoolboy Q.

Produced by Kenny Beats and MixedByAli (of course); “Hunnid Stax” can be heard below.

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  • Yeezus

    Mac Miller on the hook

  • ogtripleog

    Mac n cheese kinda threw me off but i can ride to this

  • Black Crime Rate

    I don’t want to hear Mac on this album.

    • Joe Dirt

      i dont want to hear your opinion

      • Tyler Reaux


    • Enjoyer of Music

      You do realize Ab-Soul’s always been this way though right? I remember when he dropped Longterm Mentality he said he didn’t name it LT3 because LT3 was supposed to be when he starts getting paper. He’s getting bread now so of course he’s going to rap about it.

      Not like ‘conscious’ rappers don’t want this paper

    • Dylan Rapp
    • Jay Daniels

      You may hear him more than once on it, because most of “These Days…” was recorded at Mac Millers home studio.

    • CockBoy

      we’ll you just did. mac’s on this song, and guess what? this song’s on the album. fuck boiiii

  • SirAnomaly

    More of this

  • soulprint

    meh, not feeling it, ab soul should be above that “I get money” stuff

    • leumas01

      it’s this albums version of “Sopa”

      • George Anthony

        I disagree. SOPA production was crazy

        • leumas01

          Yeah, I enjoyed it more, but topic-wise it is literally the same… Hopefully this is one of the few songs like this.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      Idk how far back you’ve been listening to Soul, but he’s slowly been making the transition to this type of music since LTM. He’s never been above rapping about anything. He’s just a regular dude

  • mac miller shouldnt have been on this but whatever

  • StudentOfTheGame

    i just want Druggy N Hoes 3

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      won’t be on this. schoolboy q slow playing. that track should’ve dropped by now

      • The KZA

        I feel like it would be a good move to drop it now since Ab’s on his way. Those guys are just jerks.

  • reachcloud9

    This shit so average

  • Mac’s always been tight with Soul and Q.

  • The KZA

    I like this. This is dope.

  • Joe Dirt

    he killed it

  • realtalk82

    Naw I’m not feelin this one. It’s gotta be a throwaway. Stigmata was much better than this and so is Ab-Soul. Still can’t wait for album though

  • JemPage

    This just felt kinda lazy


    That bass line had me wanting to punch innocent people in the face while selling prescription drugs at the same time.

    • datbul


    • Danny

      Said the clinically insane man

  • leutrim

    You can always expect at least one of these bangers from Ab-Soul. This reminds me of SOPA

  • Fuck was with that hook?
    I mess with Miller but that shit is stupid.Mac coo but sometimes he needs somebody to rear him back and tell him to cool it with the weird shit.

  • kyle newsferd

    Haters gon hate

    • Prince Akeem

      worst comment on here

      • kyle newsferd

        You sound like a princess lil mama

  • Mac Dre

    Mac Miller with the Based freestyle hook…

  • datbul

    This jawn somewhere between average and whack.

  • Music

    Pretty disapointed in Q.. c’mon dawg

  • AARON B.

    what did he say about currensy ?

  • yo i made a beat using that same lanadelrey -sample a few months back. check it out and let me know what you think. sorry for the spam, had to hit it up just because the same sample, so it’s kind of related to the post lol.

    starts about @ 01:00…

  • Ohms


  • Tom, The Unicorn

    Yeah, but NO ONE is ready for Tom, The Unicorn

  • MusicHead

    Yea this is a nahhh…I’ll pass.

  • Shadd

    Starting to worry about how the production will sound on the album

  • espyy

    If Ab-soul wasnt a TDE guy he wouldn’t have that hype. Average rapper.

    • julzthe49ersfan

      Wowwwwww… by far the worst comment ive seen on here

      • espyy

        Well, it’s my opinion I just can’t dig with Ab-Soul.

  • Song was wack as shit. Ab soul can come way harder then this.

  • Moses

    I’m a big TDE fan, especially Ab, but this is fuckin trash