• Ted

    I could not bare to watch more than 30 seconds of that. Wow.

  • three

    idk who is more ignorant him or flex

    • Jordan

      Who's more annoying?


      u having a hard time figurin out who's more ignorant?? log off bro.

      • three

        is probably you. "figurin" don't skip english class kids

  • mvious

    As a Miami heat fan, We dont condone this.

    • Rico

      Gald you dont condone it, cause ive met too many Heat fans down here who think and sound like Khaled! lol

  • HiDEFF

    Fellow S. Floridian here and this kind of shit irritates me. This is a terrible representation of Miami. I enjoy the dudes music but c'mon, man!? Why give the media more material on why to hate Miami.

    • $nicka

      he doesnt have music he has friends that make music

      • drunkbear

        haha exactly. he self proclaims that he only "brings talent together." only thing he actually adds is the annoying "WE DA BEST" shouts.

  • $nicka

    this dude is in a different world

  • Richardgudnitz


  • nickbododo

    hahahahahhahaha this guy

  • ogtripleog


  • Pizza Steve

    Since the streets so busy telling him about the Spurs AC, why they didn't tell him he's wack??

  • Jojoba

    how much has this guy been studying old Pacino movies to crib his speaking style from

  • Rico

    For those that dont live in Miami, if you watched this entire segment, Khaled is a CLASSIC representation of 80% of the MIami Heat fanbase!
    This guy is a clown! A rich one, but a clown! This is one of those dudes who probably isnt necessarily a basketball fan. He just roots for anything popping in Miami.

  • https://elitemuzik.net/ DJ Eternity

    I'm #TEAMHEAT all day but get this fool outta here smfh

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    Khaled's vocabulary consists of his own songs titles. Every interview he's in he says the same shit.

  • leutrim

    Jesus fucking christ

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx


  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    khaled goin for the publicity.. plugged kiss the ring, we the best

  • Tino

    Yeezus christ that was so hard to watch... Ignorance at its finest.

  • sladewilson

    I saw this live and my brain literally told me to change the channel. The man is a blithering idiot. Real talk. The streets... Jesus take the wheel. If he ever stepped on "the streets" they'd beat the brakes off his fat ass...

  • YVtC

    Did anybody catch how he was promoting his music on the low at the same time?

  • fonzo517

    they should give khaled his own sports show...id watch it.