Puff Daddy – I Want The Love f. Meek Mill (Video)

blame it on Meka June 10, 2014

At long last, the Dids finally unveils his new music video/spectacle, and as expected it’s as grandiose as promised. I kinda wish they made a music video using footage from their adventures in Vegas, however. MMM is coming soon.

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  • Arun Gopal

    I honestly love this video. The song also grows on me. Thousand point for Puffy for the Game Of Thrones throne.

    • Tino

      you honestly might be deaf.

      • Yeezus

        You honestly are deaf. This song is great.

        • Tino

          hahahahahahaha!!! Great??? Get the ENTIRE fuck outta here. This shit sucks, the hook is garbage and diddy and meek just saying the same recycled bullshit, so how is it great?

          • Yeezus

            you sound mad that these rich mf’ers can talk rich shit and you can’t relate.

          • Tino

            Actually nope not at all, I listen to rich rappers that have more money than me all the time. 2 of my favorite rappers are Jigga and Kanye. This song just sucks, like your taste in music.

          • Azim Esmail

            Did you just tell dude, whose username is “Yeezus”, that you listen to Jigga and Kanye, and his taste in music sucks? o_O. He obviously listens to Kanye, and so do you.. so.. are you saying that your own taste in music sucks?

          • Tino

            And also I was never talking to you, I called someone else deaf then you jumped in. Get off my dick

          • Yeezus

            So in theory shouldn’t you get off his dick? Exactly.

  • djdyg


  • Tino

    This song is ass crack with a side of weak sauce.

  • Bambi

    Pretty amazing Revolt has never thought to fix the fullscreen bug

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    nice video but sucky song.. how to fail at making a ignorant banger?

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    track would been better with big sean and meek mill lol

  • $nicka

    how has diddy never choked on that toothpick

    • Dante

      Years and years of training in the Shaolin Temple with the unfbeknown members of the Wu-Tang Clan

  • OGBobbyJohnson

    This broke ass Revolt player only shows me half the screen in fullscreen

  • Crystalweed


  • three

    he needs a new ghost writer. but respect to meek for getting some diddy money

    • Dante

      Yeah, where’s Royce when you need him?

  • papoose

    Yo this shit is like a scene in a comedy movie

    • I’m in the hood sellin’ this d


  • I feel like I’m the only person in the universe that thinks Game of Thrones is corny dweeb shit.
    Anytime I’m watchin’ a Diddy video and this nigga sittin on that throne shit from Game of Thrones..
    Diddy “rappin” too much on this shit; Diddy shoulda just been on the hook and doin’ adlibs.
    Song would’ve been better if it was just Meek.

    • Azim Esmail

      Game of Thrones corny dweeb shit? I didn’t know fucking and killing people is dweeb shit lol.

  • marty mcfly

    This shit hard…. DOPE

  • Diddy verses harder than Meek

    • Dante

      I like Meek better when he yells but doesn’t mumble



  • MusicHead

    It’s lowkey trash & hard at the same time..Meek def wrote the song lmao or Migos did Puff verse.

  • I’m in the hood sellin’ this d

    The Lonely Island >> this

  • jimmie

    i don’nt hate it