Awkword - Deep Sea


Awkword recently put together this project/song for The Ocean Project, in order to bring awareness to protecting our oceans. In their words:

'Deep Sea' is a breath of fresh air, raising attention to the need for protecting our oceans and making a call to action. Addressing issues such as pollution and climate change, AWKWORD's rhymes are relevant and on point. His impeccable cadence flows perfectly over C-Lance’s smooth beat, motivating the listener to take positive action for conservation. This unique track is not to be missed!" -- The Ocean Project

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  • Strong song Awk that has a strong and compelling message. Activism at its finest.

  • Royal Illness

    The Beat Is Somewhat Underwhelming For A C-Lance Production As It Sounds Like A Throwaway & The Lack Of Changeups Kinda Takes Away From The Song But The Message Of The Song Is Powerful Nonetheless And Is A Change Of Pace From The Overt Thug Imagery We Are Often Pelted With These Days. Respect


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The Cali rep drops another clip from OMMIO 3.

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The Vegas emcee is back with another weekly drop.

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