• Jamaal Rooks

    Wish I was there.

    • Shahbaz Briscoe

      Wasn't all that big dog. I never cared for it but my homie had a extra ticket for some close seats. glad i never spent money on em. Was funny as hell when Flocka was performing (in his red skinnies) Hard in the Paint. when that Gucci part came on this fool says "See Gucci IMMA FUCK THAT NIGGA!!!" LMAO. the rest of his performance was awkward as fuck. even when he got in the crowd. no one was feelin it

      • Jamaal Rooks

        I felt awkward just reading that.

  • @JoseRIo29

    i work at Phillips...plenty ass scattered around. Thats the only highlight for me! Shit sooooo ratchet. Bitches leaving weave in the bathroom cloggin up the sink. couples gettin locked up for smashin in the bathroom. dice games, random twerk sessions, and a giant cloud of weed smoke!

    • Jamaal Rooks

      I could deal with the weed and dice games. Shit, maybe even the random twerk sessions. But weave clogging up the sink? That shit just gave me cancer.