Danny Brown Talks Lost “Hella Hoes” Verse

blame it on Meka June 16, 2014

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Last week, the A$AP Mob released the video to their latest L.O.R.D single, “Hella Hoes.” Apparently, Danny Brown was also slated to appear on the single, but his verse was cut seemingly without explanation. Sitting down with Complex while at this past weekend’s Bonnaroo festival, Danny speaks on the purported “drama” between he and the Mob (spoiler alert: there is no drama), as well as what exactly happened to his verse, as well as his recent work with fellow Brusier Brigade member ZelooperZ on his HELP mixtape. Hopefully we’ll get to see that “Hella Hoes” verse soon.

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  • Bryan Brennick

    Yo I swear when I heard the song as soon as the beat dropped I was like “this is a Danny brown beat he would tear this shit up.” And after hearing the song I really wish he woulda had one cuz it probably woulda been the highlight of the whole song. But I understand the whole keepin it a mob single especially it being their first release for the album but c’mon Danny we still wanna hear that shit drop it!!! And I dunno what it is about that zeloopers or w.e. His name is but I just can’t get into him maybe I just Havnt heard he right song but I just ain’t feelin him yet but I feel like it’s the type of music that grows on u cuz I kinda felt the same way about xxx and now that’s one of my favorite mixtapes of all time

    • maus

      I didn’t watch the interview but if that’s the case then it’s a bullshit excuse. None of these niggas are gonna blow up so if someone like Danny Brown makes the song better, phuck excluding him.

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        You should watch the interview. It wasn’t even the mob’s choice. RCA did that.

        • maus

          RCA makes bad choices and bad televisions.