• Bryan Brennick

    Yo I swear when I heard the song as soon as the beat dropped I was like "this is a Danny brown beat he would tear this shit up." And after hearing the song I really wish he woulda had one cuz it probably woulda been the highlight of the whole song. But I understand the whole keepin it a mob single especially it being their first release for the album but c'mon Danny we still wanna hear that shit drop it!!! And I dunno what it is about that zeloopers or w.e. His name is but I just can't get into him maybe I just Havnt heard he right song but I just ain't feelin him yet but I feel like it's the type of music that grows on u cuz I kinda felt the same way about xxx and now that's one of my favorite mixtapes of all time

    • maus

      I didn't watch the interview but if that's the case then it's a bullshit excuse. None of these niggas are gonna blow up so if someone like Danny Brown makes the song better, phuck excluding him.

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        You should watch the interview. It wasn't even the mob's choice. RCA did that.

        • maus

          RCA makes bad choices and bad televisions.