T.I. – No Mediocre f. Iggy Azalea

blame it on Illy June 16, 2014

T.I. releases the DJ Mustard-produced “No Mediocre” featuring his Hustle Gang labelmate Iggy Azalea. His forthcoming LP, Paperwork, arrives later this year.

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    B.o.B woulda sounded hella good on this beat, but iggy did her thing, overall I’m really really on the fence for this project, I like all the songs from it so far but none of them seem to flesh together very good as an album, seems to be all over the place tonally.

    • CecilRhodezKnows

      What other tracks are confirmed on this record? Just About The Money and No Mediocre? If so they arent bad street singles and singles well see what else TIP has instored.

      • CMPTN

        He had that DJ Toomp record as well.

    • Charlie Van Horn

      flesh together. lol. Poor synopsis. All tracks are garbage. Mustard is sub-par

  • DC King Of Hearts

    I don’t know how I feel about TI on a Mustard beat, but he still bring it tho

    • @JoseRIo29

      they said the same shit when Bring Em Out dropped. T.I. and Swizz Beatz? But it gave him his 1st top 10 single. I think he might have another one here…

      • DC King Of Hearts

        That is very much accurate

      • Pizza Steve

        Bro, no disrespect but this shit is NOWHERE near Bring Em Out. Just sayin

        • @JoseRIo29

          Tru…just makin the comparison on the production

  • fox

    Tip is the most consistent rapper in the game, imo. He hasn’t missed yet. Dope shit after dope shit.

  • 44wade

    shame on t.i. for doing this, smh

    • kW

      Really bruh?

  • KING14

    Tip really is starting to embrace this ratchet lifestyle which is unfortunate. The two singles for this album have been absolutely awful, and this may be the first T.I. album I won’t buy if Paperwork sounds like this awful shit.

  • Joe Kerr

    When I saw that its was DJ Mustard produced, I did the two step before the beat even started….. Matches every single time……..

  • JetLife_Jones

    This song is hella mediocre though…SMH

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    sounds off key

  • Bambi

    I’m getting tired of the Mustard sound and the first summer isn’t close to over. how does he expect to stick around for ten?

  • Guest

    No Mediocre. Ironic

  • Pizza Steve

    T.I. can do waay better than this smh. Not completely wack but this shit is average as hell

  • stay_blunted_sd

    beat mediocre. lyrics mediocre. iggy less than mediocre.
    thought you don’t want no mediocre tip?
    —-, —-, PASS

  • Yak&Toro

    Kinda got a steel drum feel to the beat.



  • Troll The Duck

    yall be the dudes on the wall at the party. yall leaving all the bitches for me & my boys