Game Announces ‘The Documentary 2’

blame it on Shake June 17, 2014

With the lead single “Bigger Than Me” making noise (video coming soon), Game jumped on the line with LA’s Power 106 to speak on a few things. Most importantly, he reveals his plan to release The Documentary 2 at the top of next year! Looking to take it back, Game says he’ll be working with Just Blaze, Scott Storch and Dr. Dre for the official follow-up to his critically-acclaimed debut.

This of course comes months after Game releases his new project Blood Money La Familia on September 16th; the same day 50 Cent will be releasing his oft-delayed album Street King Immortal.

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  • robertooo

    Seems like Game is back on track after “Chiraq” and “Bigger than me”, if he can make Doc 2 anything like the first maybe this guy will finally get the respect he deserves.. We all know he has flaws but he has been straight quality for a decade now.

  • who cares

    This can either be really good or disgustingly terrible. I hope it’s the former.

    • Yeezus

      I’m scared to see how this will turn out.

      • who cares

        I feel you. Sequel albums rarely live up to their predecessors.

        • marty mcfly

          I feel like he can definitely out do Documentary 1. Outside of lyrics, the overall sound of hip hop music has evolved passed where the sound of his debut album was in 2005. Its not like OB4CL with Rae where people expect the same sound. Just picking better beats alone will put the sound over where Documentary 1 was at and as an MC he’s better then he was in 2005. Go back and listen to his debut and then listen to some songs off Jesus Piece (Heavens Arms, Hallelujah, Name Me King, Freedom etc… He’s a better rapper now then he was back n the day.

          • TheRealTC

            Honestly, I think the beats were (with a few exceptions) the best part of that album. I mean, the rhymes were pretty solid, but That album had some of my favorite beats from Just Blaze and Timbo. If Doc 2 is anything like that album, I’m finally excited for a new Game album.

          • marty mcfly

            Both Just Blaze and Timbo are better producers now then they were a decade ago so thats why im saying overall if you got the same players involved and the bar was already set by their young selves then I think they can make a better album then Game’s debut.

    • marty mcfly

      What album has Game made thats disgustingly terrible? With Game its not even about the music cause if people were judging that they’d say its clearly dope. People just dont like Game the person so thats why they discredit him as an artist. Im not the biggest Game fan but its like when I hear his music, there’s nothing about it thats wack. Nine times outta ten its on point from the beat to the rhymes. When its all said and done people will still say Game aint dope but it wont be because of music, they just feel some type of way about him personally. Idk why

      • who cares

        I didn’t say any of his albums so far have been terrible–Jesus Piece was a misfire, though–I’m saying there’s a lot going against him because of the direction he’s taken musically these last few years. He’s no longer making West Coast Hip Hop. He’s been making a lot of trend music lately, and that’s not the type of music people want to hear on the follow up to what is arguably his best album.

        Oh, and I never said anything about Game as a person (I don’t even give a fuck). Stop putting words in my mouth.

        • marty mcfly

          Game’s not making west coast Hip Hop? I dont know what you mean? And you say he’s been making a lot of trend music? I dont know what you mean there either… Game overall stays in a gangsta lane for the most part and his music is a mix of west coast influence with late 90’s era east coast rap so whatever songs your talking about? Idk

          • who cares

            Gangsta music isn’t automatically West Coast Hip Hop. You know this, right? A lot of it has to do with the production, the guests, and the overall vibe. This is where he’s failed in recent years. The Documentary was a West Coast album through and through. Jesus Piece? Not so much. OKE? Not so much. They may have had West Coast records, but as a whole majority of the content was trend music.

          • marty mcfly

            Ok well again I dont know what you mean. His music to me sounds west coast and east coast at the same time. West Coast music is a mix of a bunch of stuff so when you say west coast music? Thats a very long list if different sounds… When you say trend music? Most Game’s music imo wont make its way into being trendy. Lets take his latest song Bigger Than Me, that song will get play somewhere but the chances of it being trendy is not so good. Most the songs on Jesus Piece, RED, and so fourth just aint trendy at all because there’s no where for those sounds to fit in any trend so idk what you talking about. I mean maybe you mean the lyrical style of some of his recent material? But even then, for the most part his music is too hard to really be placed anywhere within any trends beyond maybe a certain kinda flow. Like you could take the first song off Jesus Piece, Scared Now. That song may have a trendy flow to it but its no way that song is gonna become the trend. The niggas is talking about blastin niggas with a shotgun. Its just too gangsta for the trends

          • marty mcfly

            I thought his 2nd, 3rd and 4th album sounded more west coast then the Documentary. Game’s debut album sounded like an east coast/Detroit underground vibe to me. Outside of the first song Westside story and Where Im From of course. Dre was all over the album so its westcoast but every other producer is from somewhere else and tbh, Dre himself doesn’t just beat the westcoast drum all the time cause he has a sound thats just universal for the last decade.

      • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

        Most rappers have rapper friends because of business, Game enjoys having rappers as friends way too much.. at a near groupie level.. pay homage like on games pain yeah and big up west coast artists but dont be all on everyones nuts. He raps about rap music.. however when he drops a track with a story or some sort of emotion or concept behind it does show his true talent of artistic expression alongside his rhyming skills.

        • marty mcfly

          Ok people say Game raps about rapping too much and he pays homage too much and he name drops too much… Ok, but if that has worked for him then if it aint broke no need to fix it. I can see why some people would be mad at that but on the flip side of the coin I can also see how thats artistically dope as well. Its pros and cons to rapping about rapping.

      • CockBoy

        thats true regardless of name dropping he songs are generally dope, and he’s always had a good ear for beats not compromising his sound by putting trap/edm music on his albums

        • marty mcfly

          Trap/edm? Thats like the other comment where dude was saying he makes trend music? Like I never heard these songs some of ya’ll is talking about.

  • fox

    Damn, that would be around the 10th anniversary, too. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I still remember missing a half-day of school to get it and taking the booklet to school and reading it in class. Game has always had skills but has let his scuffles/beef outshine his actual work. He’s still dope and I’m looking forward to this.

  • cam

    Please don’t!! I’m always for new music from The Game and I’m a fan of him, but don’t do this!

  • datbul

    [Almost certainly] won’t happen as soon as he says it will (there will be delays) but would be crazy dope if he got the producers he mentioned along with someone like Dre who could oversee the entire project and give him what all his post-Documentary/Doctor’s Advocate albums have severely lacked: Direction & Focus.

  • Carter North


  • JS

    Looking foward to this new album…Bigger Than Me single is dope…time will tell all.

  • DOPE!

  • Great news

  • dwightschrute


  • NYBX

    this guy is done he needs to quit rapping i swear this sucka wanna get relevant again when unfortunately he fucking sucks he a gimmick please make him stop rapping PLEASE……………this nigga whole image is a joke just like lil wayne and ross

  • fonzo517

    tbh I haven’t really liked most of his recent albums. they haven’t been terrible but they’ve had way too many features. ill check this out tho

  • Jay Daniels

    Fuck these decade later sequels



  • Ohms

    nah son