Teyana Taylor – Maybe f. Yo Gotti & Pusha T


After hearing the preview of this last month, Teyana Taylor's latest single "Maybe" is available for purchase on iTunes. You can hear the Yo Gotti and Pusha T-featured joint below before you do make the buy.

UPDATE: Watch the official music video for "Maybe" here.

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  • Prince Akeem

    unless this bitch is doing background vocals on a kanye song IDGAF

    • “D.Derek” Jean Claude

      Your a high-grade of stupid. She's up next god

      • Prince Akeem

        *you're* a high-grade of stupid, stupid.

        • “D.Derek” Jean Claude

          haha thats funny

    • Dave

      Unless this bitch is naked IDGAF

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        this is literally the best thread ever.

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  • Shapey

    we wanna see a video...

  • Arun Gopal

    The song is fire

  • abstrak burn

    What the hell is being said in the back during the bridge