A Year Later, What Album Do You Listen To Most? Born Sinner, WMWTSO or Yeezus?

blame it on Shake June 18, 2014

June 18th of last year was something special as J. Cole, Kanye West, Mac Miller and Statik Selektah all released new albums (with the first three landing #1-3 on Billboard). Now, exactly a year later, we’re curious as to where they land on your current playlists.

Do you still love/hate Yeezus? Is Born Sinner still a go to? Is Watching Movies With The Sound Off still as impressive? Or is Statik’s Extended Play the overall winner? Let us know!

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  • veesonic

    I liked Yeezus but ultimately Watching Movies go the most play. Mac Miller be killing shit!

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  • JeJuan French

    WMWTSO shockingly gets the most spins. Got it on a whim, been a Mac fan ever since.

    • Goldberg brian

      Yall just saying that b/c it was the underdog album lol GTFOH

      • JeJuan French

        I haven’t listened to born sinner since last summer, where as I listened to watching movies this morning so nah lol

  • Cpr196

    Yeezus of course, great album, can’t wait till 5 years from now when i’ll be commenting on old Yeezus videos like “I wish Kanye would go back to this style, this was the best Kanye”.

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      said no one ever

      • DIesel

        Nope I feel what he’s sayin. Kanye’s in god-mode right now and if you don’t recognize the progress you probably think it’s not cool to like mainstream things

        • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

          hes saying the next 5 years of kanye will get progressively worse meaning you will appreciate yeezus more but imo more people will see yeezus as where it started to go horribly wrong. and MBDTF will be looked at as the peak.

          • Cpr196

            I’m saying, everyone like a certain phase of Kanye, I like this one the best, so in 5 years i’ll be saying “I wish Kanye would go back to the Yeezus style” like every dude in his video’s comment section, like go to a video from each album, you’ll see a different person on each saying that exact thing.

          • Cam TexasBoy Perry

            yeezus was his weakest album though

          • DIesel

            No. He’s saying u narrow minded dudes don’t appreciate it shit til it’s validated for u later. I bet u hated 808s when it dropped

          • JT

            You’re right. And I still hate it.

          • Ryan

            I’d argue things looked down after Fantasy, it just didn’t have the same Kanye as previous albums (not counting 808’s). I loved the GOOD Friday series leading up to, and even really liked the album but it’s not got the staying power as his first three albums. Yeezus was not good to me, at all. I hope Kanye gets back where he was a few years ago at some point.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      “can’t wait till 5 years from now when i’ll be commenting on old Yeezus videos like ‘I wish Kanye would go back to this style, this was the best Kanye'”

      Maybe I’m not catching the sarcasm here, but you’re saying you can’t wait for Kanye to NOT progress anymore after this album? Is there something I’m missing here? Why do people look forward to this?

  • Arun Gopal

    I have to say Yeezus. I’ll always pick Ye over anybody honestly lol

    • RϰϰςΨ

      I was going to offer you a plate, but I figure you’ve eaten enough already…

  • dboss22

    Born Sinner, in my opinion, is a classic album. A fair amount of good music has come out in the past year, but I’m always going back to Born Sinner. The production, flow, lyrics & storytelling of J. Cole are all just so well put together.

    • Stevie Janowski

      Man people are quick to throw around the word classic. Good album but by no means is it a classic

      • dboss22

        Talk to me in 4 years when people are saying the same thing, S fucking J

      • Mike Scott

        Quick to throw out classic? 365 days is too quick?? Ha! The man is entitled to his opinion.

        • Pizza Steve

          Exactly lol who determines if an album is classic anyway? The hip hop congress? Lol He can call it classic if he wants. I think Born Sinner is a modern day classic as well

          • Stevie Janowski

            Compare it to other “classic” albums and it can’t hang with them. Get Rich or Die Tryin, Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Me Against The World, 2001, Doggystyle, those are classics. Cole has the ability to possibly make a classic one day but Born Sinner just isn’t and thats not saying it isn’t a good album. In the end tho your opinion is your opinion, to each his own.

          • Pizza Steve

            Your right to each his own and I agree about the albums you mentioned but when those albums came out, people probably had the same argument/discussion lol That’s just a part of hip hop. Some was saying it was classic then some prob gave the argument about Illmatic and reasonable doubt but as time progressed it turned into a classic within its time. In our generation we only have a few albums that people will consider classic and to us, Born Sinner is a modern classic but I don’t expect everyone to agree, to each his own.

          • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

            friday night lights is more classic it was everything we wanted it to be immediately. no slow burn.. add some visuals and an album rollout for that record n possibly another single or 2 and we would be saying cole is that dude.

    • Pizza Steve


    • Doc Ock

      lol at J.Cole making anything thats a “classic”. i swear, rap is the only genre where we, as fans, only care about calling something a classic. it’s like an album doesn’t matter unless we decide it’s a classic. some of my favorite albums ever are not “classics” but i love em. I digress. As for J.Coal, if you can listen to a full album of his without falling asleep, you should be considered a “classic” human being.

      • Johnny Boy


      • Parker

        for real I still listen to Dre Murray’s Gold Rush album all the time, it’s a personal favorite of mine. it’s by no means a classic but man I could play through that whole album any time

  • fox

    WMWTSO is my favorite out of the bunch, then Yeezus, then Born Sinner.
    – Mac is extremely impressive on this album with the production and songwriting.
    – Yeezus just hits you over the head with the overall vibe of the album. (Pushing boundaries as usual)
    – Born Sinner is great, lyrically, but Cole didn’t progress at all musically, in my opinion. The album is actually kind of boring.

  • LaFlame


  • MusicIsOpinion

    Born Sinner gets five times as much spins as Yeezus but that’s my second pick. I went to 2 of Ye’s shows and they were pretty fucking good so maybe that’s why it’s second to me.

  • Sticky

    I listened to Yeezus the most last summer but WMWTSO is a much easier album to dip in and out of while I feel like if you’re going to listen to Yeezus you have to go front to back which I haven’t done in awhile

  • soulonice_

    As a whole I can’t listen to none of these albums front to back, a lot of skips for me. Mac is the closes of straight thru to me but its songs on Born Sinner i like more.

  • Dango

    Yeezus is in my top 25 albums of all time.

  • Pizza Steve

    Yea, definitely Mac Miller & J. Cole albums. Those albums have the most songs in my iPod playlist lol High replay value

  • Solmen37

    Born Sinner no doubt

  • Solmen37

    Watching Movies With the Sound Off was a quality album though. Mac really improved and showed growth.

  • Alex

    Yeezus is timeless

  • BackInTheDays


  • $nicka

    born sinner and then blood on the leaves

  • PV

    Statik. that funeral season joint alone was hotter than any joint on the other 3 albums


    Red Dot Music is my sh!t but Yeezus got it

    forreal you should support!


  • Shane

    Statik Selktah’s album is heavily slept on.

    • Solmen37

      This is true

  • Yeezus


  • Isaac

    WMWTSO really impressed me alot. Mac Miller has improved his lyrics and production. However the album that has the most spins is Yeezus, even though, Born Sinner for me was the best album lyrically.

  • Solmen37

    Yeezus is good, but I can’t help but think that the reason it gets high praise is more the fact he took a risk sonically and experimented rather than the actual music. Granted, there’s some great songs like Black Skinhead, New Slaves, Blood on The Leaves and Bound 2. But I feel that as a whole body of work, Yeezus could’ve been better executed better.

    • Mike Deezy

      You just named half the album nigga. SMH

    • Mike Deezy

      You just named half the album nigga. SMH

      • Solmen37

        LMAO, but I wasn’t feelin those other songs that much man.

    • Parker

      first statement is 100% accurate

  • jay gittis

    yeezus for sure. loved it when it came out but it has gotten better with time imo, you go back and listen to that shit, it is sonically mind blowing

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    None of ’em. I jam some select tracks off each one but haven’t reached for any of these whole albums in months. Yeezus probably has the most tracks on it I still listen to regularly. Props to Cole for inspiring Nas to write Made Nas Proud which was the illest thing to drop last year.

  • Mike Deezy

    Yeezus still kills. Mac and Cole got some bangers though

  • bagoon

    first place goes to both born sinner and yeezus, a few songs from each and than mac miller is 2nd

  • Worldwide Underground

    Born Sinner!

  • mjs2430

    Haven’t listened to any since… 2 plays after the day they came out? hope to never have to hear any of them again.

  • egyptoknuckles

    Yeezus, without question.

  • Drew

    Born Sinner. No Question. And I’m a huge Kanye fan but his album didn’t speak to me at all, Cole’s did. It had heart, emotion, great storytelling and worked as a cohesive album.

  • Surprisingly Extended Play

    • Pizza Steve

      Extended Play is a very dope album! That “Bring Em Up Dead” joint?? Sheeesh! lol

      • I agree…all the albums get burn but Statik’s production is the factor for me.

    • Parker

      man praverb you’re the second dude I have seen voting for statik. haha man that was my favorite too with Born Sinner, watching movies, and yeezus following in that order

  • kvrizv

    – Born Sinner is the strongest album front to back. A step in the right direction from his debut and worthy of multiple, repeat listens.
    – Watching Movies is such an obscure album, but that’s what makes it so darn amazing. The beats, rhymes, features, all so unique.
    – Yeezus is a time-stamp album. As weird and crazy as the album is, when people listen to it, they will remember the time period in which it was released.

  • ILLY

    Yeezus. In fact, every time a Yeezus track comes on my shuffle, I either listen to it, or end up listening to “Blood on the Leaves” and “Guilt Trip” back to back. Hated the album at first. It took 4 months to grow on me. That being said, Born Sinner is still fantastic.

  • Hood Oracle

    Yeezus…Born Sinner is a snore fest and Mac Miller? lol i’m good

    • BuckDat

      You sleepin’ on Mac, that was the best album of the day. Hands Down. I hated Mac up until that point, I just downloaded it because I heard good things about it from people who’s musical tastes I respect and it blew me away. Dude did a complete 180 from his old “Wiz Khalifa Lite” sound

      • Hood Oracle

        nah I’ve heard a lot of his music before and I heard about 5 cuts from that particular album the joint he had with jay elect was cool but the rest was not for me.

  • Watching Movies with the Sound Off definitely got the most spins among the 3.
    Only thing Yeezus got from me was a “fuck outta here”.
    Extended Play was slept on heavy.

  • Exhibit C

    Birds Eye View

  • kkilla

    most of born sinner
    a good chunk of WMWTSO
    couple tracks of yeezus

  • kyle newsferd

    Crazy I still listen to yeezus more than any other kanye album. And collo drollo is my favorite

  • Brandon Tyson

    Born sinner still gets played faithfully

  • kyle newsferd

    Nobody voted for statik selektah lmao

  • Beard Gawd

    ‘Yeezus’ was trash the day it came out and it’s still trash a year later with the exception of 2-3 songs.

    I still play ‘Born Sinner’ once in a while though.

  • Jake Cornwell

    Still play Watching Movies a few times a week

  • ‘sheed

    I like Yeezus better because the highs on Yeezus exceed the highs on Born Sinner but Born Sinner gets a lot more straight play-throughs. Like I just put that on and let it go. I can’t do that with Yeezus because I hate that opener, “On Sight”; just a terrible song.

    • MusicHead

      Agreed 100% ..even tho I’m still bumpin Yeezus 2-10.

  • 32gq

    Wmwtso forsure all solid but it was the best project in my personal opinion



  • Nelmatic

    Mac Miller

  • rolldatbud420

    WMWTSO all day, boring sinner was boring, Yeezus was on some shit and, Extended Play was cool, but didn’t get the hype it deserved

  • wikig1itch

    I don’t even listen to any of these albums anymore, none of those albums really stood out to me. Run The Jewels was my most played album of last year by a mile.

  • Johnny Boy

    All of em trash. Kanye tried to much to be experimental. J. Cole lacks content. Always talking about relationships, or is too busy dick riding Jay Z, and Nas. And Mac Miller is just overall corny, and wack.

  • StudentOfTheGame

    Born Sinner still in rotation. It dropped on my birthday. soooo yeah lol #COLEWORLD

  • Lego Dre

    Man Statik Selektah & J Cole all day bruh, Statik album is slept on, you would be a IDIOT to just say Mac Miller if you haven’t heard Statik’s Album

  • Jay

    Yeezus for me, definitely.

  • Anthony Aloia

    J. Cole did his thing rapping and producing the entire album, evolving and defining his sound. Poor Statik would probably be a household name if he dropped his album on a different date. I have finally started somewhat respecting Mac as a producer but hasn’t sold me on the rapping. (just my personal opinion) Kanye evolved like he had some ninja turtles ooze. He’s the last audio Magellan in the galaxy exploring musical moments that have never been explored before. He painted the Sistene Chappell in my mind. If you dont enjoy the “Yeezus” album I truly pitty you.

  • JemPage

    I was on holiday driving all across New Zealand with my girl at the time these dropped. For two weeks drove all around listening to nothing but Born Sinner on repeat and didn’t get tired of it. Amazing album.

    Side note: fuck my ex. Hoe.

    • I am Lazar

      haha, nice

  • thatrandomguy


  • Bambi

    All of them were solid. J Cole put out solid shit like always, Mac surprised and put out the best work of his by a wide margin, and Kanye changed the platform for music as a whole. Funny cuz I remember the day it leaked/released reading all the hate and thinking, alottt of these people are gonna change their mind haha. That being said, if you put them all together and listen, shit is a ride

  • hiphopfan1

    Born Sinner no question. Everything cole spoke on from trying to stay faithful to trying to be the best in his craft was awesome and truthful. Kanye will always be one of my favorite artists personally but i just felt yeezus was a pool full of randomness. The messages that he was trying to convey were mixed and unnatural. That being said yeezus was still a cool album.

  • addicted2kickzz

    Born sinner is still on heavy rotation … haven’t heard Mac’s album … and Yeezus, well just listened to it a few times.

  • JohnniLive

    WMWTSO and Born Sinner still get plays to this day, the last time I listened to Yeezus was Aug 2014.

    • One

      Only two more months and you can finally hear yeezus! Don’t get your hopes up tho homie.

      • JohnniLive

        My bad, I meant Aug 2013. And I agree Yeezus wasn’t worth it. Totally rushed project.

        • One

          Yup. Probally dope live tho…

          • JohnniLive

            That’s because they actually planned the show.

  • Mohammad’sComing2GetYou

    i got WMWTSO in Nov while i got Yeezus and Born Sinner as they dropped. Yeezus was my summer album. Born Sinner was okay i guess didnt really like it. WMWTSO was amazing and i think it was the best.

  • zamieo

    I listened to them once, as all of the albums were mediocre and lacked timelessness and quality. On Yeezus, Ye experimented with industrial, which is a stinky genre in general. Born Sinner was boring and had few standout tracks, the production was mostly alright though. Watching Movies was also pretty dull, I mean it was a huge step up compared to previous Mac Miller albums but that’s not really saying a lot. Overall, 2013 might have been the worst year for hip-hop, ever.

  • Gras Aap

    Defenitely Yeezus

  • Jay Daniels

    Watching Movies WIth The Sound Off still spins the most.

  • Ray

    I really don’t understand why people are jumping on Yeezus. That album was trash. He didn’t push boundaries. That sound been out. Listen to Death Grips. Overall, I think Born Sinner is he better album, but it’s definitely not a classic, that’s for sure. It’s impossible to get through the who album without falling asleep. But the songs are great individually, imo. WMWTSO, to me, is Mac’s best work so far.

    • ♦[PharLeff]♦

      It’s a different album… a lot of people compare it to hip hop when it’s out of that zone. If you listen to it as just music w/o trying to put it in a specific genre, you’ll see it in a different light. As a producer / composer / conductor, he pushed boundaries with that album. I haven’t touched but maybe 3 or 4 songs since J. Cole dropped and that was cause iTunes was on shuffle.

  • Illmatic27


  • LOL


  • DBS

    WMWTSO still gets regular play, Born Sinner I listen to occasionally. Yeezus really isn’t even worth the time it took to write this.

  • I am Lazar

    Born Sinner for sure.

  • MusicHead

    To be honest all you bitches wrong, none of these albums get play & the one to get the most play is a close tie between born sinner & yeezus..yes Mac shit was dope but he don’t sustain or keep my attention for long, period. I’m taking Yeezus tracks 2-10 like I’ve been saying since it first dropped..born sinner up there cuz the consistency but all 3 really ain’t gettin high play value to be truly honest, that’s no knock to them it just other music out there.

  • Donte’Sha Jones

    Born Sinner

  • espyy


  • JustaDude

    Both kanye and mac killed it man. hands down, shit kanye concert was crazy af too. but god damn j. cole a nasty mother fucker. shit coming home i was bumping to Niggaz Know. all 3 albums were nice but i think j cole left the longest impression.

  • Forte

    Mac Miller & J.Cole still on the playlist heavy over here

  • Đ℞ΞV/

    born sinner is hot garbage, on that album he acts like he is the smartest and most authentic rapper in the room when he really is far from it. i digress, some of those sprinkled tough guy “nigga this… nigga that… verses” are questionable, like he is putting on being aggressive—like someone standing on a chair thinking he is tall. i actually like his first album much better than born sinner..

    yeezus gets some spins (i.e. hold my liquor) but some like “on sight” and “bound 2” get tiring.

    I wish i had the patience to enjoy mac miller’s album, but i hope to give it some more attention when i get a chance.

  • Kaspurrr

    Born Sinner and WMWTSO. Yeezus really wasnt feeling it and extended play never gave it a listen.

  • cam

    A year later I listen to Born Sinner the most. But at the time I listened to Mac Miller’s album the most. I can’t listen to Mac’s album anymore because it is too relatable to my life at the time &I don’t wanna remind myself of that dark period I was in. But if that wasn’t the case I know I’d still be listening to Watching Movies With The Sound Off. Outside of Blood On The Leaves &Bound 2, That trash we call Yeezus got a total of 3 spins. Still love Born Sinner &Watching Movies tho!!

  • cam

    A year later I listen to Born Sinner the most. But at the time I listened to Mac Miller’s album the most. I can’t listen to Mac’s album anymore because it is too relatable to my life at the time &I don’t wanna remind myself of that dark period I was in. But if that wasn’t the case I know I’d still be listening to Watching Movies With The Sound Off. Outside of Blood On The Leaves &Bound 2, That trash we call Yeezus got a total of 3 spins. Still love Born Sinner &Watching Movies tho!!

  • Y-Rap

    Ex Play

  • marty mcfly

    Clearly WMWTSO was the best album outta these 4.

  • Chubbs

    On a more important note, what’s up with Nickelus F? He dropped a few singles a couple months ago and poof, he’s gone.

  • Born Sinner still gets played daily from me. Yeezus been trash since the day it dropped & i never listened to Mac Miller’s album nor do i plan to listen.

  • Danny Merritt

    Born sinner is still my go to, macs was cool i think Kids is still his best, Yeezus was dump.

  • Ryan

    Mac, definitely. I didn’t like Yeezus at all, and Cole’s album was pretty dope but I don’t listen to it that often.

  • drewbie

    i listened to yeezus twice. born sinner maybe 3 times. watching movies is still on my iphone and gets play.

  • Parker

    yeezus is garbage, born sinner is alright just kinda boring (that’s just Cole), not really a Mac fan. so definitely Extended Play for me. statik is so slept on. birds eye view, game break, and home were probably my 3 favorite tracks from Extended Play that I still play all the time

  • RealHipHop

    The homie Stat with the best drop that day. So smooth.

  • Your Best Friend

    I still can’t believe it’s been a year already. Wow mind blowing

  • Lewis M.

    None of the above.

  • mathijs

    Born Sinner hands down

  • BuckDat

    WMWTSO is the only one of the three that still gets regular play. I thought that album was amazing. As a long time Mac Miller hater I’m glad I gave that shit a chance.
    Anytime a Yeezus song shows up, I’m almost always gonna just skip it and throw on Blood on the Leaves and move on.
    I don’t think Born Sinner even made it to the 160 GB iPod

  • Michael Dimas

    BORN SiNNER!! Still BUMPS!!

  • Exes

    I still play songs from all of them, but none of them were cohesively dope start to finish…Born Sinner was the strongest though EZ