Game – Bigger Than Me (Video)

blame it on Meka June 18, 2014

Jayceon’s recent… uh… not-so-friendly letter to some of his musical contemporaries, from his upcoming Blood Money La Familia project, gets a matching set of visuals.

Blood Money La Familia will come on September 16th (the same day as 50’s Street King Immortal), which Game will then follow up with the sequel to his 2005 debut The Documentary.

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  • Yeezus

    Street King 9/16 not Animal Ambition.

    • Shapey

      Game be like… “ugh.. just finished name dropping”

  • Guest

    No 50 picture lol

    • Basic

      There was one during the last name drop, of them together

    • No one


  • Black Crime Rate

    This dude is so corny, I don’t think he realizes how many fans he’s lost over the years by having no integrity and being a clown.

    • @44wade

      Completely agree. Just watching this video makes me cringe lol.

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      The rapper version of DJ Khaled

    • marty mcfly

      I dont think there’s every been a rapper to lose as many fans as 50 Cent though. just saying

      • Mitch

        Amen. People say Game lost fans but look at 50 – He went from doing 5x platinum no problem to barely selling 100K-500K total. For Game, the most he ever sold in the US was 2x platinum and never went platinum again. His last 2 albums have both sold 200K and that was with little promotion. The only reason why 50 is richer is because of his large early sales, endorsements/business deals, and G-Unit. Musically, 50 has lost so many more fans than Game.

        • marty mcfly

          Word. Not to mention that Interscope stepped back from Game when he was doing his G Unot shit. His other albums weren’t treated as well as 50’s were by interscope cause they looked at Game back then as the problem and 50 as their star player. Game aint even supposed to have made it this far.

    • Ace

      no integrity?

  • three

    he’s back rapping like game, and its tough as fuck.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Game needed durk to go at him tbh to fuel that fire again.. and g-unit being back probably makes him want to proove himself even more

  • DC King Of Hearts

    While I can never deny that Game brings it, it pains me to watch him do this EVERY. TIME.

    • datbul

      do what?

  • TheHotPastrami

    90% of the rhymes in this song were just rhyming the same word with itself

  • Cpr196

    50 isn’t exactly loving Game right now, but Game looks like he’s about to drop down on his knees for the dude.

  • marty mcfly

    Its like this people, rappers can now get back to rapping as soft as possible and doing the best they can to get in the Drake lane and everybody can act like they all friends again and get back to Childish Gambino weirdo music but every now and then Hip Hop needs some hardcore rap shit. You need people like Game to point your fingers and say look thats the bad guy… Game just said out loud what alot of people were already thinking. They listen to hip hop these days and be like damn this shit is soft. So much so that now R&B is considered hip hop by alot of people. Sometimes a little destructive energy is good for the overall building that is hip hop culture.

    • Pizza Steve

      EXACTLY! The rap game has gotten wayyyy too soft.

    • SonSon

      good one marty

    • MewLover34

      Turn off the radio Mart, you have really shit taste in music if this is what you turn to for hard ass rap.

      Fucking mainstream gibberish, song literally represents everything I don’t like about dude.
      *puts on some fucking GIBBS*

      p.s. Just for the lolz, say Tha Documentary is better than the Gibbs x Madlib album. It’ll be funny.

      • marty mcfly

        The Documentary is not only better but alot better. Gibbs made a dope album but the Documentary is a better album and a certified Hip Hop classic that brought the west coast back. Gibbs album was dope to the most underground of underground fans but thats about it.

      • marty mcfly

        Dreams, The Documentary, No More Fun And Games, Where Im From, Church For Thugs, Start From Scratch, Dont Need Your Love, Hate It Or Love It, Runnin, Like Father Like Son etc… The Documentary completely destroys Cocaine Pinata.

        • MewLover34

          That’s your m.o. man, you just list songs, and I’m supposed to be like “oh wow, you right, thems dope ass songs”. I think every one of those songs sucks balls, and not one of them will ever get a single play from me for the rest of my days.
          I could just list the whole Gibbs album too, but anyone that uses the term “most underground of underground” is not to be taken seriously.

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah but not only are those songs dope but lyrically, conceptually, and sonically they all better then everything on Gibbs album. Game is just a better MC with better beats and better songs period end of story.

          • MewLover34

            I disagree on all counts…

          • marty mcfly

            Of course you do… Smh

  • who cares

    I’m not sure how anyone can even hate on this. Shit is raw.

  • Pizza Steve

    Niggas hate on any & everything. Prob fans of the niggas Game is dissing lol This shit is hard-body. Not for the faint of heart.

  • @ScHoolboyTom twitter


  • Em

    He better be begging 50 back…if 50 don’t write his rhymes for The Documentary 2…he might as well call it quits. Plus what’s with all the name dropping!! Shit…he name dropped Kanye a million times on his last album and Ye didn’t even do a full feature! smh



  • MahHest

    Game can rap, that was always evident. I’m just tired of him having to drop 100 other muhfuckas names to get some recognition. He didnt really do that on Jesus Piece and that’s a good fucking album yo

  • ForeverWePush

    The beat is dope, as far as the content, you have to almost take everything dude says with a grain of salt, by the end of the year he will have worked with half of the freshman list. That is just how dude operates he isn’t consistent with his criticisms and praise of rappers and the industry as a whole…’Hardcore” hip hop is an important element of hip hop but it is not the only element. ATCQ is just as hip hop as the wu, college drop out is a hip-hop classic like GRODT is. Different strokes for different folks.

    • ForeverWePush

      Also, whatever you feel about the song how can anyone say this video is a ‘good’ video or even hardcore? Framed pictures of other rappers? A chain saw? a wolf? …really? Are these things suppose to be menacing!? I guess its all about personal taste but it just comes off as super corny to me.

  • nickbododo

    Man everyone loves to talk about this guy

  • DJ Lawless One™

    Everyone is talking about all the name drops he did. I think he did it on purpose so people would talk about the song. He even mentions Complex magazine complaining about it in the song lol. It’s a pretty smart move. Name drop to get buzz and get people hooked on the song. I think it’s dope as fuck until he says “YING YING YING”……. he lost me there.

  • S. Malik

    Being hard isn’t about getting on a track and scream about doing people harm,that’s professional wrestling.De La Soul was considered “soft” until they started whipping asses when people stepped to them. Dudes always worrying about Drake & Gambino. The Game would curb stomp Jayceon if he saw him in the street. Don’t get rap persona confused with reality.

  • NC0310

    Damn this shit went hard

  • Ohms

    he’s talking to you durk!