• http://thatmorbidshit.tumblr.com/ FuckYouPayMe

    Coo track and all but "In case you didn't know, it's the one-year anniversary of Mac Miller's Watching Movies With The Sound Off."?
    I mean, the album was dope but it don't exactly garner an "anniversary" .

    • Arnold

      fuck your opinion man.

      • ogtripleog

        Mac n cheese is corny tho.

        • Rodney Mcclinton

          fuck you hater Mac Miller better then your favorit rapper FYFR

  • james

    Prefer this over the album version

  • http://www.Dinoguns.bigcartel.com Save The Kids

    i prefer this version, but i think it was a smart decision to use the other version cus this OG version is probably too weird for most peoples liking.

  • Bambi

    this beat is hypnotizing. best earl beat I've heard to date. also think them releasing this version (the better one imo) so people revisit mac a year later. Dude is becoming a very solid artist

    • http://www.Dinoguns.bigcartel.com Save The Kids

      Hyponotzing sums it up perfectly, been on repeat 13 songs and counting.

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    I don't even remember what the album version sounded like but I'm pretty sure this was better. dope as hell

  • Jay Daniels

    Album version is the album version for a reason. I like the darker version, no denying this is dope as fuck though!!

  • Kaspurrr

    Prefer this version...

  • Samy Merabet

    holy shit

  • cam

    This was a top 3 album last year. And Red Dot Music was the best beat I heard in the year 2013!! This is fire BTW even though I like the original better.

  • Ryan

    Not many good albums came out last year, but I really enjoyed this one.

  • Rodney Mcclinton

    this is doge song on repeat !!