2 Chainz – Flexin’ On My Baby Mama (Video)

blame it on Shake June 19, 2014

For the latest visual release from his FreeBase EP, 2 Chainz goes with the DJ Paul-produced “Flexin’ On My Baby Mama.”

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  • JemPage

    I don’t know what this is, but I know it’s not Hip-Hop.

    • Bravo

      Its hip hop, just not what people associate with “hip hop” ..this ain’t no Nas lyrical type shyt but its some catchy shyt that you say from time to time for entertainment & he got that nursery rhyme flow down…Not saying thats a great task, but its workn and it don’t hurt that the beat is always strong

      • Nuance

        Oh stop, it’s sad listening to people tryna justify shitty rap. Dude is wack, let it go. If you find this catchy it is because you ain’t looking for shit in music. This is no better than every unsigned artist out there. Get on youtube, there is plenty of free shit like this.

        Wtf happened to hip-hop that this is catchy shit? & people will quickly walk away from anything as soulful and catchy as anything on fucking Illmatic.

        2 Chainz & NaS shouldn’t be mentioned in the same fucking conversation.

        Go to your room and think about wtf you just said bro.

        • Bravo

          I suggest you re-read and fully understand what I said…This is the same thing as Kid n Play or Digital Underground with the Humpty Dance back in the day, some simplistic music thats meant solely for entertainment..and please dont “bro” me internet thug -__-…and idk why people click on shyt just to hate…stop with that crab in a barrel stuff and get a craft you can focus on

          • Goldberg brian

            You sound like a fucking idiot, he’s a crab in a barrel b/c he dislikes trash music??? LOL! GTFOH

            This isn’t 2chains craft, this is just a way for him to make money b/c he knows there are dumbasses like you who will support it

          • Bravo

            First let me just state.I have NEVER bought any of this niggas music & don’t even have this nigga on rotation in my ipod.I fucks with more lyrical chill raps, Skyzoo,Pac, Biggie, Big Pun/L, Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey, Ab-Soul, Bishop Nehru, Action Bronson, Smoke Dza and so forth (just to give you a peek of my catalog that I fucks with on the regular). And you provided yourself the answer to your on question, by tryna hop on a comment just to talk shyt thats some ol crab in a barrel type shyt haha..koo yall try 2 protect one another tho, INTERNET THUGS..UNITE! lmao

          • Goldberg brian

            UNITE???? LOL No just b/c you are the only dumbass who likes this trash doesn’t mean we are united, just means no one will ever back up your idiotic views

          • Bravo

            -_- Nigga just take the L and go read a book or do something productive..Im pretty sure I didn’t say I LIKED 2chainz, more so the exact opposite smh

          • Goldberg brian

            L???? What fucking L? LMFAO! Boy you sound pathetic as hell, The only loser taking an L is the one who is justifying this bullshit and that’s you

          • Nuance

            C’mon son. The fact you’re mentioning a Digital Underground song from 24 years ago makes you look dumb. Tryna say 2 Chainz is on the same wave but no body is bumping any of his shit from even a year ago!


          • Bravo

            Yo Nuance thats a dope ass gif haha, but ALL im saying is that their are several lanes to this rap shyt, you just cant consider hip hop to be one sound…Digital Underground didnt sound like the shyt that Biggie was doing, same time periods just different lanes…but no one called digital underground garbage or being labeled not “hip hop”, everybody knew they were odd rapping lane that they weren’t going after bars, metaphors and shyt they just was saying shyt to ENTERTAIN YOU..same with 2chainz here to ENTERTAIN

        • gg

          Nas himself mentioned HIS OWN name in the same sentence as 2Chainz, listen to “Hip hop” featuring scarface. None of u dumb fucks knew what hip hop was to begin with!

          • Nuance

            He never said his own name dumb ass. All he did was name a few dudes rapping these days. The song was coming from the eyes of Hip-Hop personified. Not NaS fucking comparing himself to them, stupid. Telling me idk hip-hop and you can’t even understand a fucking verse. Don’t approach me with Bullshit man. And work on you’re grammar stupid, Hip Hop is still alive so stop using past tense fool. Go read a book.

  • Arun Gopal

    I can’t hate on Deuces. This stuff go to hard lol

  • three

    aww how sweet, he regrets his children. “should have used a condom”

  • Jaztazj

    I can see courts using this against him

    • Zapp Be Baggin Em

      Members of the jury, please direct your attention to the screen. We will now play the music video “Flexin’ On My Baby Mama” by the artist 2 Chainz formerly known as Tity Boi

  • Dat Ass Though

    +worldstar video
    +title: flexin on my baby mama

    straight trash this old man is running out of talent

  • NYCityKid

    This nigga got a kufi on lol. I fuck wit 2 Chainz tho that nigga know how to stunt and make music for people that fuck with him.

  • Zapp Be Baggin Em

    he should be selling bean pies with that hat, all them tassles

  • Ohms

    Liked his outfit better on Trap Back

  • DJ Paul is a dog!