Cormega – Rap Basquiat (prod. Large Pro)

blame it on Shake June 19, 2014

With Large Professor providing the backdrop, Cormega settles in his zone and gets busy on “Rap Basquiat.” The latest single off the Queensbridge emcee’s forthcoming album Mega Philosophy, due out July 22nd. Peace to TSS on the heads up.

  • espyy

    I told you about this project!! FIRE!!

  • New millennium Nat turner

    Blazing hot

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    bout goddamn time this project comes out!!

  • Pizza Steve

    Yea, this shit is awesome

  • Moonie

    Mega snapped.

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    Mega Montana my man! Cant wait, i got all the other albums and this is getting paid for

  • James Stanford

    whatup wit cormega ? did you see him ? are yall together ?

  • Matt Proffitt


  • Royal Illness

    Bang Bang………..Sick As The Bird Flu

  • padawan_killah

    i dont think mega has once mentioned basquiat pre 2014 in his lyrics.. kind of corny, let the kid keep rest in peace.

    dope track tho.

    • marty mcfly

      Almost everything about the art world that has gone on for the last 2 years can be traced back to the Mickey Mause mixtape from Mickey Factz… Like he said on Me And My Paintbrush “Thats what I get for being a rap John Doe”

      • marty mcfly

        for the last 2 years in Hip Hop, that is

    • crackpot87

      Look on the bright side, I never knew Basquiat was a person until I came here. If someone would’ve mentioned Basquiat to me before, I would’ve thought they were talking about a French biscuit or something

    • Ifty

      Mega always keeps it real bruh! He aint following no trend by mentioning Basquiat or any other artist

      In 2001 he spoke on Picasso on The Realness on the track The Saga > ” I paint a picture vividly as if Picasso spirit entered me”

      and also he spoke on Warhol 8 years ago on that Get It In joint > ” soft niggas talk hard I hear that shit like I ain’t got nothing for ya picture that I draw like Warhol”

      … So um nah bruh he aint being corny.

  • ~X~


  • leutrim

    This is dope and all, but what possible reason could he have to make a clean version? He’s COR-MEGA, RAW FOREVER.

    • Ifty

      He’s in touch with his religion, he’s looking to curse less on record and he’s on his deen… Alhumdulliah

      • leutrim

        But if it’s clean, that means he cursed on the record…

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