Troy Ave – Your Style (Remix) f. Diddy, Ma$e & T.I. (prod. Chase N. Cashe)

blame it on Shake June 19, 2014

With T.I. riding shotgun, Diddy and Ma$e reunite on wax for the official remix of Troy Ave’s “Your Style.”

  • ReQ Cartier


  • JemPage


    I remember when Bad Boy were dope

    *gazes wistfully out window*

  • Moonie


  • Bambi

    Ma$e somehow has taken on the voice of Squidward


    troy average and diddy, the two most mediocre niggas in all of NY linkin up smh this corny shit is putting me to sleep, at least the original had banks goin in on it.

    • wikig1itch

      You reachin’ if you think Troy Ave and Diddy are on the same level. Puff has done more for Hip-Hop/R&B music then Troy will ever do in his whole lame ass career.

    • three

      diddy was all off beat, ti showed em what a elite rapper sounds like

      • marty mcfly

        Really? I thought Diddy verse was better then Tip’s.

        • three

          i think this beat had a really disctictive tempo to it and diddy tried a slow flow like its a trap beat or something when ti rode it well and stayed in pocket.

          • marty mcfly

            I dont know whats going on with T.i lately but I aint heard a dope verse from him in a while and that includes this song. Having flow is cool but imo it’ll never be more important then the actual words.

          • three

            its still music and has to sound good. but you’re right lyrics are important. i just don’t think troy is at the top of tips agenda if that makes sense

  • Bravo

    It has a place, reminds me of a song you’ll rock to if it where a bbq (lookn at the females), in a roller rink back in the day (lookn at the females), or just a summer park joint…All in All its a summer song for the females or thots, whateva you fucks wit

  • Pizza Steve
  • marty mcfly

    Dont front, this shit sound like 1996-1997 NY shit. Harlem World/No Way Out… DOPE !!!

  • james

    Cool track, should’ve left banks on it

  • Frank Kennedy

    This just sounds right . Should’ve kept banks though, what the fuck

  • MusicHead

    He gettin money, I can’t hate on bruh man.

  • three

    what kind of photo editing was used to make troy look like future lol

  • J Wes

    A 50 cent copy!

  • J Wes

    Troy is a 50 cent Copy!

  • Stian Nicolaysen

    Atleast let someone who can actually SING do the hook … The hook sounds like some shit a girl does in front of the mirror before her first prom.

  • Troll The Duck

    Troy is getting it out here. Hate it or love he brought new york back

    • NYCityKid

      back to what?

      • Troll The Duck

        Back in the conversation. Before everyone was like what does NY need to do to be relevant. Now its Troy Ave brought NY back

        • NYCityKid

          I pray that’s not the case, I’m good with the legends defining our relevancy especially since they’re still alive. And as far as new comer’s go I’m glad Action Bronson, A$AP and Pro-Era are from here and I won’t go around preaching how they’re carrying the torch neither but Troy Ave is not it. What’s his hit? I’m pretty sure they don’t play this song in a lot of states.

  • CecilRhodezKnows

    TI with the renegade

  • Juherd

    Mase wanted that 50 feature sooooooooooooooooooooooo badd.

  • Squalor

    Troy Ave is kinda dope but he sometimes tries too hard to replicate Fiddy, kid needs to find his own lane.

    Sounds like a young Ma$e as well

  • PROgressive Era

    Ma$e went softer than a flaccid cock on this one