Ab-Soul – Closure f. Jhené Aiko (Video)

blame it on Shake June 20, 2014

With his long awaited and much anticipated third album These Days… arriving next week, Soul drops a visual for “Closure.” Watch the clip above and pre-order These Days… on iTunes now.

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  • He definitely wrote this from experience. I think this track will be loved or hated. The purists might think it’s trash while others will think it is genius. I side with genius…

    • Jay Daniels

      I just don’t like when rappers sing off-key. It SOUNDS bad. And there’s no excuse because I already know Soul can sing. He’s doing some wack Chance/Alex Wiley off-key shit here.

      • Seif

        It’s not off-key though..?

        • Hugh G. Dickson

          It is off-key though.

          • malcyvelli


        • Jay Daniels

          Future prob sounds like Whitney Houston to you.

  • Guest


  • 2dope4nope

    Pure dope. Females females yet we play these games w/ them haha wonder if it’s to Alori Joh… Her voice though >>>

    • Seif

      Nah he said it’s about another woman who cared about him after Alori.

      • 2dope4nope

        Oh all right Seif props on that!!

  • JemPage

    Ab has such a more diverse style than the rest of TDE (except possibly K). This is amazing. If he switches from this to rappety-raps like Turn Me Up on the record this could be one of the best projects in a long time

  • kvrizv

    IMO, I feel like this could be the These Days… equivalent to “Empathy” off Control System.

    • three

      definitely agree, even the style of sza singing behind soul is similar.

      • Whybothertwice

        It’s jhene

  • Sticky

    I need a hard copy of this album

  • cam

    My favorite leak of them all soo far! Can’t wait until Tuesday!

  • Pizza Steve

    Dope! These Days is gonna be dope. Watch

  • datbul

    Pure ass.

  • Jay Daniels

    Yeah nah I can’t fuck with this at all. The singing is god awful and I know Soulo can sing. See; Control System.

    • datbul

      Damn we both commented at almost the same time with the same opinion.

      • Jay Daniels

        Word I seen that shit happen at the same time too Lol.

  • soulprint

    ye, i fuxx with it

  • what’s the song at the beginning?
    closure is the best song from the album so far that came out yet

    • Seif


  • nappu2

    why are ppl hating so much? forget about what YOU want and remember that the point of an artist is self expression overall. this song is deep and shows soulos emotion in the moment. what happened to soul appreciation. Ab is one of my favorite lyricist the past few years but off his new album this made me the most excited just from feelings its raw emotion

    • james

      shut the fuck up. no one gives a fuck about self-expression besides the one self-expressing. if you’re not the artist, you’re the audience. so yeah you give a fuck about what you want.

      • datbul

        You put it harshly… but very, very true.

      • nappu2

        lol yeah thats IF you care more about the audience side of the music. Plenty of artist really do not give a fuck about what YOU want. ppl just happen to like it. iF YOU DONT then listen to another song. You are a fool lol. “no one gives a fuck about self-expression except besides the one self-expressing” meaning that you might not have been in their mind when they wrote the song idiot. You try losing a fiancee to suicide and still caring about ppls opinions lol

  • Motion Fiction Media

    This song is crazy, best one so far

  • Greg Oden :(

    shit’s nice. u can have my 10 bucks soul.

  • Mac Dre

    I remember people speculating that he and Jhené were a thing after Alori passed. I don’t think this could be about her though, since she’s doing background vocals. But if it is, that’s a pretty slick move Soul haha

  • The video an song is dope.why so much hate?

  • Guillaume Pilon

    track is horrible

    and he need to keep his shirt on

  • Nuance

    Am I the only one screaming, “things just ain’t the same no more!” while coasting around on Go Skate Day?!

  • jaybee502

    drake 2.0 ..but half of ya niggas are feeling this as if this is the best thing since ice cream….but it’s none of my business.

  • Slick Johnson jr

    Loving the track and the video is banging. Ab is next in line don’t hate!

  • Cut the bullshit:
    When is this leaking?

  • patrick o

    I’m amazed this album STILL hasn’t leaked

  • Wavves All I’m looking for is some honest feedback and support

  • Guest All I’m looking for is some honest feedback and support please

  • J Wes

    not fuckin wit it