• 6516

    this guy is the worst interviewer



  • marty mcfly

    This guy listened to Tree Of Life and the only thing he got from it was a line about sipping lean. Smh

  • datbul

    Yo Shake, since the beef seems to be squashed, post that new Lupe: 'Next To It'. CDQ version just dropped.

  • Phil Legend

    Couldn't help but chuckle at the cheesy leather couch and fireplace setting. Complex, that shit's mad corny son. Word to Franklin Roosevelt

    • marty mcfly

      I dont think Complex like rappers or Hip Hop because its always a little bit of hate or like a condescending vibe going on whenever that fuck with the culture.

      • marty mcfly

        THEY fuck with the culture.

      • Jordan

        That's white people in general lol

  • Witness The Fitness


  • Mikey Menefee

    this interviewer dumb asl lmaooo "i didn't know you sipped ATIVIUS thats kinda weird" XD

  • Jaztazj
  • stevie

    i wasn't signed to interscope very important to know....lol well this guy should get fired

  • Jay Daniels

    Really? What line? Lol... Not a good interview.

  • Ohms

    shitty interview. what a fegg