Marsha Ambrosius – Stronger f. Dr. Dre

blame it on Shake June 20, 2014

Marsha Ambrosius is currently gearing up for a July 15th release of her sophomore album Friends & Lovers. Making use of Beats Music, the former Floetry songstress liberates the latest single, “Stronger,” which features a rare rap verse from Dr. Dre.

Speak of Dre… during a recent interview with Rap-Up, Marsha spoke on the current status of Detox. In which she says might not be in play anymore. At least the title.

Detox was a title that was thrown around so many years ago. There’s so many other things in the works for you for you to not be concerned about anyone detoxing. It sounds like a fitness center now. No you’ll see something else”

Crap audio rip courtesy of RX for now.

  • Mitch

    Man Dre didn’t sound right on that track at all… His flow was so off – Not saying it was terrible, but he needs better ghostwriters (or get back with The D.O.C. and Hittman but that won’t happen)

    • I think he sounded at home…now the delivery was a tad interesting. The flow was in the pocket. Nice variations here and there. Thought it was a dope verse.

  • Art Phlow

    sounds dOpe.

  • Hugh G. Dickson

    Jeru & Premier would be rolling in their graves, if they were dead.

    • One

      Maybe preemo will/would co-sign this.
      And Sade too…being that its a homage to both…

  • Gigi Lavezzi


  • Jay Daniels

    That really frustrates me where she says there are so many things in the works right now that we’ll see something else and we don’t need to detox anymore. Bitch we ain’t detoxed in 10+ years what makes you think we are going to see anything else now. Are we spose to get hype for a different project for the next decade that never drops?

    • Jay Daniels

      She just took all the life out of the most anticipated hip-hop record of all time by dubbing it the title of a fitness centre. SMH.

  • james

    Back in Cali niggas blaze and stress
    Waitin’ on Detox to save the West
    Even if the shit is dope it ain’t givin’ you niggas hope
    Unless your signature’s wrote on a check from Interscope, nope

  • Jet Life

    has anyone mentioned or noticed she copped her whole flow and lyrics from SADE?!?!?!?

    • GTFOH!

      It’s a FUCKIN’ SADE SONG YOU FUCKIN’ RETARDED MORON!!!!! She didn’t “cop” her flow. She re-made “Stronger Than Pride” you 12 yr old bitch!! Learn some music history… even a lil before u write shit down ass!

      • Ether haha

      • Mike Scott

        oh, damn. haha!

      • Jet Life

        I recognize it is a SADE song and they use a jeru sample in the back, you should learn how to respond to question instead of acting like a fucking asswipe. Like does your brain not work? I pointed out that the lyrics were sade…

        • GTFOH!

          I responded the way I would to any dumb fuck saying dumb shit! u wrote “Like does your brain work?” LMFAO!! U sound like a pimples faced bitch with that one. Wake up ur little dick resting on ur balls and grow the fuck up. U wrote something that made NO FUCKIN’ SENSE, and I called u on it. Simple

          • Jet Life

            lol and you don’t think that you sound like your in grade school…the only thing you have mentioned to this point is going through puberty. Stop wasting your hater energy here.

  • Deejhay Daz-One

    This is a great track