2Deep: Mystik Journeymen - The Firefly Rebellion


So over the past week, I was visiting some older West Coast underground albums. I pulled out CDs like Aceyalone's All Balls Don't Bounce & A Book of Human Language, as well as some Freestyle Fellowship, Hoomanakaz (a group sort of like Living Legends that hails from Hawaii), etc.

I then stumbled upon Mystik Journeymen's Worldwide Underground which made me feel something extra nostalgic. To be honest, I only recall hearing the following two cuts, "Firefly Rebellion" and "Right Now" with The Grouch. Everything else on that album EP, especially the skits (which there are a lot of) are a blur.

Now I need to find a quality copy of Walkman Invaders on CD or cassette. Anyways, those who remember the Mystik Journeymen, let's all reminisce. Cop Worldwide Underground here.

Mystik Journeymen - The Firefly Rebellion

Mystik Journeymen - Right Now f. The Grouch

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  • Tekwon

    "Depths Of Survival" from "4001" "The Stolen Legacy..." is one of their better ones.

  • Worldwide Underground

    One of those albums that really had an impact on me. Hence the name!

  • Mesk

    Am I dreaming is MJM really on 2DB.

    I got all the MJM, Living Legends catalogue solo and group albums.

  • Julien Williams

    What a dope post. I used to bump Living Legends all the time in middle school!

  • Guest

    I got my start in the music biz working for the Mystik Journeymen and their crew the Living Legends back in 2003. Much respect to them and AccessHipHop.com


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