DJ Khaled – They Don’t Love You No More f. Meek Mill, Rick Ross, French Montana & JAY Z (Video)

blame it on Illy June 22, 2014

Watch DJ Khaled’s latest video for his action-packed clip “They Don’t Love You No More” alongside Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and French Montana (sans JAY Z) off his upcoming eighth studio LP, I’ve Changed A Lot.

Directed by Gil Green.

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  • Arun Gopal




    • Bambi

      the sad part is is that he has nearly zero part of making the music, he just trolls while his friends sing autotune and scream over beats he took from someone

  • Hood Oracle

    not mad at hov for not being in this video

    • Jordan

      Jay Z hardly does videos anymore anyway. He’s only done Otis, Holy Grail, and Picasso Baby since BP3.

      • marty mcfly

        Niggas In Paris, Suit & Tie, Monster and Drunk In Love… If possible maybe Khaled shoulda flew to wherever Jay was at for this video.

        • Jordan

          Damn, I was only thinking about his songs, my fault.

          P.S.: I don’t count NIP because it was a concert video.

          • thatboyshortt318

            On The Run. Even though it was basically a commercial.

  • alsdfj

    Anybody else wanna slap khaled thru the screen?

    • Pops

      Every time I see him

    • deez nuts

      the last segment was too much for me damn

  • Bambi

    I hate everything about this song

  • Carter North


    • three

      soft as a lacrosse team lol

  • Rick Grimey

    Oh… So this is why he kept saying “they don’t love you no mo'” on ESPN a while back during the Finals. What a cornball.

    Btw: Shit is embarrassing to have a living artist featured in the song but not in the video, like as if he was dead or in jail or something. Smh… I’d rather just not shoot the damn video, or at least edit his part out of it and replace him. Make a video friendly version.

  • Ethan_Justright ️

    bruh is this serious?

  • james

    Despite the hate for Khaled he must be good at his job as he does have continued success in releasing his music (despite your opinion on the quality). He’s probably a person of his word, connects people to other people, and delivers funds.

    This ATV / dirt bike philly style is corny.

  • God bless those cars at 1:34.
    And what possessed Timbaland to where a tight ass shirt like that?

  • alsdfj

    On some real shit, it’s sad that these dudes are just further enabling Terio to be another internet/reality tv age fake celeb.

  • espyy

    Khaled only ‘got’ 2 good songs and it’s thanks to NAS.

  • YahMamma

    Khaled = HipHop Terrorist

  • Music

    “Lebron loses finals.. Time to rock a Rondo jersey”

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    jay-z should of been in the video at least even if seperately in the helicopter or something. khaled be trollin though playing golf on the cars lol

  • biff tannen

    one of the worst songs of 2014.

  • Johnny Said

    The only reason I came here was to see if Jay-Z was actually the in the video. I couldn’t even picture it. …still can’t.

  • Melchizedek

    Its not that Jay Z does not do music videos anymore or that he didnt turn up, its just Jay Z never does videos for other rappers videos. The only two I can remember is Jermaine Dupree many decades ago and Monster which is Kanye…..But my guess is that Kanye begged and begged him to do that video.

  • Most generic rap video I’ve ever seen in my life.
    It hit every component that makes up niggadom down to having shots of niggas doing AND 1 dunks in the background. And it’s just awkward watching rappers mouth another rapper’s verse.

    I still mess with the song, tho.

  • MusicHead

    It’s hard to like Khaled at this moment.