Rick Ross Went AWOL at Detroit Summer Jamz Concert

blame it on JES7 June 22, 2014

Rick Ross was a no show at an event he was supposed to headline Saturday night. The MMG Captain was scheduled to headline Hot 107.5′s Summer Jamz Concert, but his performance never went down due to the entrance being blocked by a mob of more than 100 people.

The word on the curb is that Rozay was “scared for his life,” and with his no-show, was subsequently banned from stepping foot in the D.

Jay Hicks, program director for Hot 107.5 issued a statement on Rozay’s absence at the concert, which you can also watch via IG videos courtesy of @loveinpower below.

I’m going to be real with y’all; I’m going to be real as fuck. We had Rick Ross right outside here tonight. At about 11 o’clock, when he was pulling up to come into Chene Park, he was met by 100 individuals outside. We have tried to pull every resource together and asked him to come back. He is in fear of his life. And he may never come back to Detroit, and that’s no bullshit. This is some real shit. He was in fear of his life and he is not performing here tonight.

Although Ross did not comment on the event, he did send out a tweet late last night.

Coincidentally (perhaps?), Detroit OG Trick Trick recently released the Royce Da 5’9″ & K-Young-assisted “No Fly Zone” in which the song called for a ban of any non-Detroit artists from the city who does not collaborate with Motor City artists.


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  • Arun Gopal

    You can’t make this stuff up lol

  • Ohms

    brokeback music

    • Goldberg brian

      Shut yo bitch ass up, you would have did the same thing

      • Ohms

        if i was all “”SCARED FOR MY LIFE””, yes, yes i would have. thanx for your concern.

  • factsonly

    crazy thing is if this was 50 cent or anybody else honestly y’all would try to make sense of it. U niggas comment just to talk down like u were at this event or u saw what happened. This shit is stupid, grown ass men in Detroit tryna scare someone out your city cuz they haven’t done a song with your artists or they haven’t given anything to the city is childish. This is why black people look crazy and will never be at the top, we worried about scaring somebody in a city we don’t even own. Then niggas on blogs who ain’t been to one street think the shit is funny,

    • Winning Season

      Rick Ross is that you?

      • factsonly

        damn son that was mad funny

        • Winning Season

          Haha I feel u tho everything u said was real.. Only reason I don’t feel bad for Ross is because he claims that street life so much, he gotta know niggas gonna test him

    • codeboi

      They dead broke in Detroit…probably said fuck it. Dudes in the city looking for promo.

      • factsonly

        u think Rick Ross is the reason their city look like a third world country? Rick Ross bruh? I don’t think they should be mad at any rapper they need to be mad at the corporations who destroyed the city

        • Arun Gopal

          So true

        • Jay

          You’ve never been to Detroit have you? Don’t let the media paint the picture here.

        • codeboi

          I was speaking on the fact that they have nothing better to do as artist than start beef with Ross. It’s desperation. Only a fool would think Ross has anything to do with economic decline in the city.

    • Prince Akeem

      not only that but ross did a song with big sean just on his last album so that cant be it

      • scoggs

        I don’t think Big Sean is considered an artist from the D to most artists in the D.

        • CockBoy

          then trick tricks logic is flawed.

    • Prince Akeem

      I was with you until that self hating “this is why blacks will never be at the top” bullshit. that’s like the most cliche phrase coons use when they want to bash blacks but have no real basis for it.

      a black guy steals purse from an old lady “this is why blacks will never succeed” nigga shut the fuck up. when blacks do good in their communities or graduate from a school niggas like you are silent.

      all types of people shoot up schools join gangs sell drugs and molest kids among way more detrimental shit than running someone out of the city, but I never see you complaining about white people. But the second a black person does something you dont like you use it to try and validate all of your own prejudice beliefs.

      • factsonly

        what are u talking about? I am a black male and I want to see us succeed no matter how corny that sounds. u just sound like a nigga who thinks they know everything. Why would i be happy to see us lose or look ignorant? I don’t care what white people are doing or any other race for that matter. I’m just tired of this type of shit for the culture. And this is whats stopping us from being where we should be. U don’t have to agree but I’m voicing my opinion and this isn’t a good look for Detroit or blacks in my eyes man. To think I’m prejudice bcuz of that statement is reaching. U just sound like u wanna say something for attention.

      • bobX9

        Pligga nease. we all know black ppl aint the only criminals…. black ppl are disproportionately struggling more than other races/groups. In many different metrics too. Literacy, crime, poverty, health, single-parent households…
        and graduating from school? man if you in school you SUPPOSED to graduate. can’t be praising ppl for things they SUPPOSED to be doing. or being a good person… raising their kids… black ppl just aren’t on the same level as other cultures and that needs to change. it’s sad but doesn’t mean it ain’t true…. and again i’m not generalizing. talking about proportions here

        • marty mcfly

          In many areas black people are passed other cultures. Black people are treated differently throughout society and thats a major difference. A immigrant can come to america and not speak english, have no credit, paper trail, full time job or hardly any skills and apply for a series of loans at any of the major banks and walk out with some kinda financial backing. A black person would be required to make double what another race is required to make, (including white people), must have more money in the bank then another race and must be getting paid more money then another race etc… for a loan thats not nearly as much as a business loan. Thats one example…

          • MusicHead

            FACT!!! I’ve seen shit like this happen at my friends car dealership, how even Africans come in ir Mexicans with no credit come in, get a car but us blacks it’s a struggle smh.

        • Prince Akeem

          This is the type of coon nigga mentality I’m talking about. “Can’t be praising people for what they supposed to be doing” lol really? have you never been to any type of ceremony? only a dumb ass nigga says shit like that. I can tell you are not a father and probably have no siblings or cousins. If you are a parent with this type of mentality then you are probably the worst parent in the world.

          What kind of person doesnt celebrate someone’s achievements because they feel like that’s what “they supposed to be doing”? Yet the funny thing is niggas like you will be the first to complain about “black people” as a collective race based on the actions of a few, yet you refuse to acknowledge or celebrate the accomplishments as individuals or use that a “proof” about black people.

          People like you just love an excuses to complain about black people while ignoring the causes and effects and the positive.

          • bobX9

            if someone graduates, sure go and celebrate the accomplishment. but what i’m commenting on is that for black ppl, it’s considered a big deal if someone graduates HIGH SCHOOL for example.. especially in some neighborhoods… it’s like there’s a lower standard for blacks overall. Black ppl got the lowest rate of HS graduation. Hopefully one day where it ain’t no big deal for blacks to graduate high school… again i’m not talking about cause and effects. i’m talking about the situation today and where we need it to be. I have graduated college and so has my younger brother.

            And sadly, it isn’t the actions of a few. Go look up statistics in ANY metric compared to other races. The numbers are improving but still a long way to go for blacks… i get that some things are out of ppl’s control. but some things they can control

          • Prince Akeem

            you dont sound ignorant anymore. thanks for clarifying

          • bobX9

            anytime bruv

    • Stevie Janowski

      Rick Ross shoulda called in one of those favors that the real Noreaga owe him

      • Guest

        lol that was actually funny

    • Thee Knockout Artist

      50 wouldnt have ran you dumb nigga hes got the realest goons in the game other than Trick Trick to be honest and him and Trick Trick are cool. you seen what happend to slowbucks,and gunplay.If 50 fake why he aint never taken an L all the times hes been tested come on now.them niggas he roll with would murder a nigga real quick and 50 would bail them out.This is real facts

      • factsonly

        Ur delusional. 50 is cool but ur too far up his ass to see the big picture. u also proved my point, if it were 50 u would try to make sense of it lol

  • james

    What’s terrible is that american black culture finds this shit acceptable

    • CockBoy

      yeah black cultures in other countries aren’t like this in the slightest

  • shovel

    Crab barrel

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    I would of left too if i saw 100 detroit niggas

    • Worldwide Underground

      True that!!!!

    • The smell must’ve been unbearable.

  • @JoseRIo29

    Real talk…this is acceptable to some because its Rick Ross. A rapper who’s career is based on the glorificatlion of every black gangsta stereotype imaginable. And a background yet to be validated by the way. Sure he’s made a few ppl rich and paid a few bills. But this isn’t Jessie Jackson or Cornell West were talking about. Just a some rich guy who’s card just got pulled. If Ross was real about it, he would find out what the problem is, hash it out, and get some respect in Detroit

    • factsonly

      What rapper isn’t doing that? U think Jeezy and 50 aren’t making shit up or you think they still out there in the streets? And on top of that u have no idea what Rick Ross has done, u just don’t like him. U don’t know why u just heard shit so u think u know whats going on. Either way this shit is stupid doesn’t matter if he the fakest rapper period this is ignorant and corny

      • @JoseRIo29

        I happen to think Ross is extremely talented. But there are plenty of rappers who give you REAL street music without glorifying the negative aspect of that life. These artists (Scarface, Kendrick, T.I., Freddie Gibbs etc…) conveyed both the pro’s and con’s of coming up in those circumstances. And you’re right that I don’t know what Ross has done. I do know he was a C.O. And I doubt that the “real Noreaga” owes him a hundred favors. And that reference is from this nigga’s debut song! Gimme a break. One of the most appealing aspects of hiphop WAS it’s authenticity.(as seen by the success of 50 and Jeezy). Not so much nowadays…but obviously Ross hasn’t come correct in Detroit and I don’t mind them checking him for it

        • marty mcfly

          Every MC that has ever rapped is guilty of glorifying the negative aspects of the streets. Thats just being honest about american culture. Instead of being concerned with what Ross is doing, niggas should ran those crooked politicians, judges and rich wall street lobbyists outta the city. Rappers aint really the enemy or the problem overall

        • marty mcfly

          Scarface has some of the most violent records in Hip Hop and T.i is hugely responsible for “Trap music” in Hip Hop and Gibbs is goin down that same lane. The ROOT of most of the gangsta activity in the streets is not the rappers though. People look at Hip Hop as the source and the fuel for drug dealing, murder, and everything negative in the hood… On both accounts Hip Hop is neither the source or the fuel for most of that kinda activity. Money is made off drugs, murder and institutions that mass incarcerate people and when that is brought to light, its not the rappers or even black people in general that are setting up these “Trap” like situations in the streets of america. I get why some people dont like Ross but really he aint the reason why the streets or fucked up in the D and in other places. He aint even one percent of 1% the reason why things are the way they are.

      • @44wade

        officer ricky crossed the line years ago, most rappers tell white lies here and there but not to the extend william does. he goes overboard, even in interviews, you dont see 50 jeezy or even gucci talking like they do on records in interviews, william trys to hard and goes overboard and talk crazy so people are gonna wanna test him

  • Freid Sampleton

    Any rapper who pays to go to Detroit is a bitch nigga

  • Mahdi K. Grady

    Like, its not the action that should be shunned. If anyone was surrounded by 100 niggaz who obviously seem hostile, and is capable of retreating, that option should be taken. What should be shunned is the way Rick Ross will respond. He’s going to act like a “bawse” like he always does and dismiss any allegations of him being scared for his life and act like there was an alternative cause for him not performing at the show. It would be best for bro to keep it genuine & honest in this situation, and not allow for the persona to speak out for him.



  • Lego Dre

    Check this out every speculation about this situation YOU ALL HAVE IT WRONG, if you deep enough in these streets you would understand why things like this happen to Rick Ross more often than other artist , if you disagree thank you for revealing how out-of-the loop you are on “Street Politics”, first things first : At one point of time Rick Ross was DEAD BROKE, sleeping on couches, receiving hand-outs from various OG’s, hood bosses, I’m talking Real respected Street niggas. These niggas from various different cities I may add was riding for Ross providing protection , a safe-haven, & clout. Ross at the time made PROMISES on when he is able to GET ON, He would put ALL these niggas on, these niggas BELIEVED in Rick Ross Movement when it was just a whisper, so in there MIND they knew Ross was going to lookout, but THAT’S NOT THE CASE as you can see, so the bitter still in the hood people he stepped on to make it to the top, feel some type of way, a couple OG’S have saved Rick Ross Life in situations & they are the most heated individuals in this situation , the most vocal group of people are the Gangsta Disciples , since Ross send subliminal shots towards them on songs, & disrespected them on purpose on the “Black Bar Mitzfah Album Cover”.

    • NYCityKid

      All this shit seems believable. I wouldn’t doubt it tho. But still we don’t know. I’m glad it happened tho, it’s time to wrap this fraud up and stop letting the bullshit slide.

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Back to our regular scheduled program of real hip hop……

    • Scott Williams

      Moment of Face Palm

      • BathSaltZ0mbie .

        Nigga please

        • Scott Williams

          Keep begging you bum.

          • BathSaltZ0mbie .

            Suck my dick. I invite you to it…..

    • Pizza Steve

      This was dope. That Hip Hop shit

  • JackboyK

    All I have to do to avoid Detroit is not collaborate with a Detroit artist? 2 birds with one stone.

    – every rapper not from Detroit

  • “n which the song called for a ban of any non-Detroit artists from the city who does not collaborate with Motor City artists.”
    Ross did a song with Big Sean for Sean’s debut album.

    And before a Detroit dicchead says “Big Sean ain’t REAL Detroit music”:
    Shut up.

  • Truth

    This shit is hilarious..wasn’t Royce da 5’9 just shouting out Khaled for hooking him up with a Ross verse? lol why would anybody successful wanna deal with salty shit like this anyway..way too much money out here for this…ya’ll love cracking on Ross then bumping his shit on the low lolz

  • Pizza Steve

    Smh this is stupid. On their behalf & Rozay because he bought this shit on himself.

  • deeznuts

    karma is biaaaaatch

  • @44wade

    you cant defend officer ricky lol he brings things like this on himself. he takes his character overboard and crosses the line. in a interview last year he said his the biggest boss and good in any hood with 100 shooters ready to ride so people are gonna wanna test him because he always says the stuff i say is real lol

    • marty mcfly

      99.9% of all the gangster rappers in hip hop take their “character” overboard and honestly most of them go way passed where Ross does. Most of Ross raps is about getting money for the most part while damn near every other gangsta rapper out makes it sound like they fucking El Chapo. I get why people is mad at Ross but if its for rapping about some gangsta shit that he hasn’t provided proof that he’s done (enough though I will agree to some degree that “Rich Is Gangsta” at the end of the day…), in the streets? Then you might as well attack almost all the gangsta rappers in hip hop and throw most of your classic hip hop albums away cause most of them were and are still rapping from a super gangsta perspective and then going home to they families at the end of the day and kicking it like normal people. Most rappers period are not riding around the ghetto selling bricks and shooting niggas all the time.

      • marty mcfly

        Or even some of the time.

  • james dean

    They don’t fuck with that lemon pepper wing in the D…..

  • MusicHead

    Y’all dumbasses gotta stop sayin Ross brung it on himself, anyone whose not lined over dumb shit this cud have happened too.

  • Ben Piffy Jr

    This shit would’ve never happened to Common.

  • Swag

    Honestly, I’m not mad at Ross for this. It was his crew vs 100 people. Niggas ain’t Rambo, Q is really about this life and he is getting bucked at outside of his concert. I think he made the smart decision. He definitely needs to stop rapping this gangsta shit though

    • marty mcfly

      Not to mention that it wasn’t just niggas blocking Ross, it was a bunch of police officers as well. Trick showed up with a bunch of people and just ended bring just as many police to the scene with him.

      • marty mcfly

        ending UP bringING just as many police…

  • aybruhcmonbruh

    Whoever had a problem with Ross should have tried to get in contact with him or someone in his inner circle to get down to the problem and resolve it or keep it business as usual and ingore each other completely instead of this fuckery. Being too prideful can cause financial issues and bad decisions. Nothing validates ignorance not being hood, street, gangster,etc.