Chuck D Unveils Letter From 2pac (1995)

blame it on Shake June 23, 2014

Seemingly inspired by the unreleased phone call between Tupac Shakur and Monster Kody we heard earlier this month, Public Enemy front-man Chuck D took to Twitter to show off a letter 2pac wrote him from prison back in 1995.

On top of sharing his gratitude and appreciation, ‘Pac also inquired about Chuck joining him in an upcoming movie and working together on a record.

There’s also talks of a program he wanted the socialist rapper to be apart of. Based off the timing and the way he ended the letter, I think it’s safe to say ‘that “program” was the same organization he was speaking on with Kody in the phone call…

“I wanna get this organization started with you. Only we can do it. It’s like where we start this youth league. Like football league, basketball, softball, for girls and boys. I want all the rappers to adopt a team. Coolio have his team. Stretch have his team. I have my team. We play and the rappers the one that put the money up. We get the field. We play.

The churches come out and sell food. We have the fathers, the uncles, all the men in the community, they do security to get the respect back for the kids. Then we have the FOI come out, we have the deacons from the church, they do security. You know, get that community spirit going again.”

  • cor094

    2pac would have been great at texting

    • Mark

      this nigga lol

    • Ohms

      or tweeting

  • Guest

    This is the song he was talking about in the letter.

  • Guest

    This is the song he was talking about in the letter

  • padawan_killah

    correct me if i’m wrong but i think he said Treach not Stretch.

    nostalgia at an all time high.

    • padawan_killah

      stretch died 2mths after this letter so he probably meant stretch

  • MahHest

    Great idea, Pac.



  • Royal Illness

    The More I Revisit Pac The More I Miss His Presence In Hiphop. As Conflicted As He Seemed At Times His Heart Was Always For The Betterment Of His People…….Respect Pac……