Jhené Aiko – To Love & Die f. Cocaine 80s

blame it on Illy June 23, 2014

Jhené Aiko’s forthcoming Def Jam debut Souled Out is beginning to take form as the bite-sized singer just liberated her new single. Featuring Cocaine 80s, “To Love & Die”—which Ms. Aiko will be performing at the BET Awards 2014 on Sunday—will arrive on iTunes at midnight. Take an early listen below.

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  • Arun Gopal

    I’m feelin this

  • eazy_sumrz

    She does it again… & its “To Love & Die”*

  • Goldberg brian

    Many Men

  • sam30317

    I dont like any song she sings; her voice mostly annoys me or lyrics suck. But I like this song, mayb b/c it has Cocaine 80s

    • YoungWutang

      So u a dick rider of cocaine 80s cuz u wanna be cool right

      • sam30317

        Or maybe i just literally like Cocaine80s better than Jhene. R u a wannabe pussy licker of Jhene Aiko?Defending her wont get u anywhere close to her pussy. Calm your shit,smh

        • Rodney Mcclinton

          no one cares what you think Jhene Aiko Sounds better then any of these other female singers that are out right now so go suck Cocaine80’s dick

          • sam30317

            Cant say no one cares. You obviously care. You took the time to click reply, think of a comment & typed the comment. What about Janelle Monae, Jill Scott, Emily King, chrisette michele, algebra blessett, amel larrieux, india arie? Never heard of them right?

            She’s only better to you than other singers b/c u only listen to radio songs.

        • YoungWutang

          Nah u on cocaine 80s dick cuz u think just cuz u hip to them u cooler than everybody else, u hate this song with or without c80s on, get off dick

          • sam30317

            WTF are you even talking about?!?! Why would i think im cooler? I didnt say or imply that. Im confused; are u jealous i like them?? You have issues that only a doctor can solve. Please take your misguided anger out on them, not me

          • YoungWutang

            Nah I don’t need a doctor, u need common to come over to your house and dick u down so u can stop being so thirsty

      • datbul

        completely unnecessary.

  • realtalk82

    Man I don’t wanna be a dick but Fuck DJ PupDawg. can’t stand tags at all ruins everything.

  • @JoseRIo29

    i love this girl


    XXL FRESHMAN 2015.

    • YoungWutang

      Fuck no not get the fuck outta here with ur lame ass opinion

  • Cpr196

    Yo, but seriously, she needs to hire a different cover artist :P

    • datbul


    • YoungWutang

      Yea this shit cheesy as FUCK, look like some shit that belong on MySpace back in 2006

  • Starks

    Shout out to fif on the track

  • @44wade

    hope she never releases a live album

    • sam30317

      Thats what i was thiking, lol

    • datbul

      why do you say that?

  • J Wes

    who Da fuck is cocaine 80s? I fuck wit Honey Cocaine

  • Guest

    Yeah this is awesome