• Arun Gopal

    Good for Ye.

  • JemPage

    That last dude tho. Chiiiiiiiiill.

  • Shapey

    Kaye be like, "Design.."

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      • Shapey


  • ATK

    Kanye made the conversation awkward. You can tell he doesn't conversate well publicly like Steve and Ben.

    • swaggerjackson


    • Shapey

      conversate? ....Nevermind

  • Cool.Is.Common.

    Funny. Kanye West endorsed this interview.....Top reason, I'm sure, most of us clicked on this.

  • gorge jung

    What a fucking hypocrite clown Kanye is. He need to change his name to Design/ Marketing. Hes a fucking brand. People get so popular they think their words are truth. Fucking fart sniffer.