• Austin Garcia

    This track is fire

  • shake

    artwork is teeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrribble. and why are artists using spotify to stream. KNOWING you need a damn account to access it.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      its that FLA influence, he should be influenced by the sound but not their artwork style

      • Dave

        He been hanging with Robb Bank$ and all them niggas too much

    • Dave

      Its all about that Soundcloud.

  • bodiddlywiddly

    Let's hope mikey rocks doesn't disappoint with this album.....

  • https://soundcloud.com/trillcollinss Dillon


  • Omega

    This will be played at ignorant levels ALL Summer
    Mikey bodied that first verse

  • AndOneill

    Michael!!! Michael!! This is dope

  • Dave

    On repeat all day till my speakers blow.

  • http://TheWaxSociety.com Waxside


  • kyle newsferd

    One word. Dope