• Hugothedon

    Hiphop transcends all boundaries

  • http://www.cashavelli.com Chris Cash

    Its amazing to see how long Tupac legacy has lasted and more importantly how much influence he can bring today as he did when he was with us. Truly a great artist that has motivated so many people in the world. Words are very powerful and tupac always wrote with a sense of purpose and passion.

  • guest1230944

    worst. interviewer. ever!!!!

    • Yasser Kaskas

      yup, really annoying

  • Jay Daniels

    When you say Broadway. This comes to mind.

    • Jase L


  • JohnniLive

    That's good media training right there.

  • quas

    fun fact: vince and pac were college roomates at UCLA back when they both were in the arts program.