Road to Total Slaughter ep.2: Arsonal vs. Daylyt, Dizaster vs. Math Hoffa

blame it on Shake June 26, 2014

Last night, FuseTV aired the second episode of Eminem and Shady Films’ Road to Total Slaughter reality series. Introducing us to the official stage (unlike the on-the-fly battle between T-Rex and Cortez last week), LA’s Dizaster and Brooklyn’s Math Hoffa kick things off with Newark’s Arsonal and Watts emcee Dalyt (who Ab-Soul battles at the end of These Days…) closing out. Both battles are available for your viewing pleasure below.

Who won each battle? Let us know who you think below!

  • Biiitchniga

    did daylyt really pick up that arsonal slipped two times each a millisecond long and thats why he won? or is he bullshitin?

    • wat

      lol, Daylyt is ALWAYS bullshitting. He’s battle rap’s biggest troll.

  • Goldberg brian

    That “Three’s Company” line was classic

    I have to give the battle to Daylyt even tho Ars had a better performance

  • BHam2677

    never seen a daylyt battle but after this one man i have too shit was phenomenal

    • Pizza Steve

      Check out Daylyt vs Chilla Jones. Shit is incredible, BOTH of them

    • Goldberg brian

      Daylyt vs B Magic

  • antinerdrap

    Hoe Budden & Ars dont get along so thats why Daylyt won. Daughter House said 10/10 so Hoe Budden could make Ars lose. This was a set up & Daughter House has an album coming out great promotion. We all know Ars won this hands down.

  • wat

    Man I hate Dizaster. Dude RARELY has bars. He’s good at rhyme schemes but his delivery is so sloppy and sporadic and he basically just raps about how he’ll rip you apart limb from limb every battle. That’s why Budden said he’s sure he’s heard that verse before because Diz always says the same shit. But since Math stumbled, he did earn the W. Math had BARS though.

    “Wake him up to the tecs like nosey wife.” SHEESH.

    • New millennium Nat turner

      Agree with everything you said. Only part I liked about disasters verse was the part about how he’d duck maths snuff faster than math ducked him when he challenged him to battle because it addresses both the fact that math has a history of trying to steal on people and that math avoided a battle with him once previously. Minus the huge fumble, math easily won. I was surprised at how much funnier he was than diz.

  • Na’Quan Sparks

    arsonal said dat ina battle b4

  • Pizza Steve

    Dope shit Daylyt is that dude and Idk what Joe was talking about, Dizaster was mainly freestyling

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    “I mean remember when I/eye was to the side, Debo he know my energy subzero, and that’s why I’m coldhearted, they got me here for one reason, to kill all these wack niggas look at all these jack thrillers, it was over for them before the show started” damn, ima have to check more of Daylyts battles

  • New millennium Nat turner

    Clearly without the slip up math wins his battle. I’d give arsenal his based on sheer quantity though I give daylight props for having enough confidence in his punches to deliver them so slowly that he’d only be getting a few out. Besides the threes company line none of them hit that hard. Neither did arsenals but he just had way more.

  • Eitherr

    Daylyt and Arsonal did better than the rest