• SonSon

    just in time, beat is perfect for him

  • Motion Fiction Media

    One of the best

  • Mikey Menefee

    I know brown won't do a collab album unless it can all be done in person... but he shoulda just made an exception for Roc cuz this chemistry is nice

  • JemPage

    this man is a straight up master with language. Reloaded still on heavy rotation

  • Andy Dufresne


  • YeDaTruth

    I'm sorry but this guy is too much like Raekwon, but not in a good way. All he does is list things, almost none of his songs have a real concept

    • Q Z A

      you don't know shit

      • YeDaTruth

        I respect his wordplay, but it's true. Why don't I "know shit"

        • Q Z A

          what do you mean by a "real concept"?

          • YeDaTruth

            As in most of his songs don't have a central theme. he rarely has stories, or songs about a single topic that he sticks to for the entire song. He just raps about...idk...THINGS. like physical objects and small vignettes of street life, but without focus.

            What I think of when I think of Roc Marciano: "i see with the vision, snatch the apple from the tree of wisdom, at the tabernacle with the priest's religion, stick the key in the ignition, roll the dice til I repeat the sixes, speak relentless, keep the heat, defenseless menaces'll meet the entrance"

    • Van Sertima

      if you do the history roc may have had a hand in influencing rae's style. roc is an older god, those styles had to develop concurrently - he was doing songs with rae and gza in the 90s. if you listen to nas you can hear rae in his flow, listen to rae and roc i hear rakim (listen to rae's remake of i aint no joke). nah, marciano is the truth, his style is legitimate.

      • YeDaTruth

        he could hone it to make it better tho. I don't mind songs about nothing in particular, but that's the MAJORITY of his catalogue

        • Van Sertima

          listen to brownsville ka - 1/2 of metal clergy w/ marciano. imo ka has more of a concentrated style but in the same vein. you'll hear what i mean.

          • YeDaTruth

            I love Ka, he's a great artist. Has an old school feel but doesn't limit himself to boom-bap.

    • Royal Illness

      Honestly, I Bang Out To Marc But This Is True.

  • stay_blunted_sd

    apollo brown that dude!

  • Van Sertima

    turn down the sample and turn up the lyrics.

  • Pizza Steve

    Roc bodies anything he touches

  • Royal Illness

    Hell Yeah,Dope...

  • Christopher Tashan Black

    Roc usually doesn't have a real theme to his shit but..he still kills it haha. Like Sean Price said, "I rap about nothin and it sounds like somthin"