Roc Marciano – Shotguns In Hell (prod. Apollo Brown)

blame it on Meka June 26, 2014

Apollo Brown and Roc Marciano link up for a banger that acts as a bonus track off the producer’s Thirty Eight project. Press play and remind yourself why Roc is better than most of the rappers you listen to. This day is shaping up to be great already.

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  • SonSon

    just in time, beat is perfect for him

  • Motion Fiction Media

    One of the best

  • Mikey Menefee

    I know brown won’t do a collab album unless it can all be done in person… but he shoulda just made an exception for Roc cuz this chemistry is nice

  • JemPage

    this man is a straight up master with language. Reloaded still on heavy rotation

  • Andy Dufresne


  • YeDaTruth

    I’m sorry but this guy is too much like Raekwon, but not in a good way. All he does is list things, almost none of his songs have a real concept

    • Q Z A

      you don’t know shit

      • YeDaTruth

        I respect his wordplay, but it’s true. Why don’t I “know shit”

        • Q Z A

          what do you mean by a “real concept”?

          • YeDaTruth

            As in most of his songs don’t have a central theme. he rarely has stories, or songs about a single topic that he sticks to for the entire song. He just raps about…idk…THINGS. like physical objects and small vignettes of street life, but without focus.

            What I think of when I think of Roc Marciano: “i see with the vision, snatch the apple from the tree of wisdom, at the tabernacle with the priest’s religion, stick the key in the ignition, roll the dice til I repeat the sixes, speak relentless, keep the heat, defenseless menaces’ll meet the entrance”

    • Van Sertima

      if you do the history roc may have had a hand in influencing rae’s style. roc is an older god, those styles had to develop concurrently – he was doing songs with rae and gza in the 90s. if you listen to nas you can hear rae in his flow, listen to rae and roc i hear rakim (listen to rae’s remake of i aint no joke). nah, marciano is the truth, his style is legitimate.

      • YeDaTruth

        he could hone it to make it better tho. I don’t mind songs about nothing in particular, but that’s the MAJORITY of his catalogue

        • Van Sertima

          listen to brownsville ka – 1/2 of metal clergy w/ marciano. imo ka has more of a concentrated style but in the same vein. you’ll hear what i mean.

          • YeDaTruth

            I love Ka, he’s a great artist. Has an old school feel but doesn’t limit himself to boom-bap.

    • Royal Illness

      Honestly, I Bang Out To Marc But This Is True.

  • stay_blunted_sd

    apollo brown that dude!

  • Van Sertima

    turn down the sample and turn up the lyrics.

  • Pizza Steve

    Roc bodies anything he touches

  • Royal Illness

    Hell Yeah,Dope…

  • Christopher Tashan Black

    Roc usually doesn’t have a real theme to his shit but..he still kills it haha. Like Sean Price said, “I rap about nothin and it sounds like somthin”